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John Seiler’s Delusions

Sunday’s Orange County Register’s editorial pages are a riot to read sometimes.  Between a laughable  Will Swaim diatribe about Price Harry and Meghan Markle being the Duke and Duchess of “Woke” by comparing the couple to his English grandfather and diatribes against HR 1 that makes it easier for people to vote and a Dr. Seuss “cancel culture” column, it’s tough for anyone from the Center-Left to the Far-Left read.

And then there’s this piece by former Register opinion writer and former John Moorlach press secretary John Seiler that is totally worth your time — for comedic value alone.  The real nut of it, at the end, is that Moorlach’s loss to Costa Mesa Mayor Katrina Foley cost Seiler his job (which presumably came with pension benefits and good health insurance).

But because Foley is now the second Democrat on the Board of Supervisors. there will be “bankruptcies galore.”  Republicans still hold a 3-2 majority, but it will be Foley’s fault for getting support from the Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriffs. The Orange County Employees Association. The Orange County Attorneys Association. The State Building and Construction Trades Council of California who smeared a good Christian man in Mr. Moorlach (who isn’t pilloried for being a Christian so much as for not following the teachings of Jesus in his policy positions).

Seiler writes: “Their money for sleaze campaigns comes from union dues. Which are paid by taxpayers. Taxes are grabbed with a gun to your head. If you don’t pay, they seize your property and slam you in jail. The stolen money then is used against you by electing union stooges like Katrina Foley, who won on Tuesday. Who then vote to spike luxury pay, perks and pensions for the union shirkers. Then raise taxes.

It’s not democracy. It’s a joke. Yet the joke will be on the union members. Because the next recession is going to be huge. It will crater dozens of municipal and school district budgets across this spendthrift state. Tax increases only will drive more taxpayers to other states. Revenues will crash.”

Let’s review.  Union dues are paid for by Union members who are also taxpayers.  I, myself, pay no union dues.  I’ll ask readers, what gun do “they” place at your head when they grab your taxes.  If you rent, do “they” take your car?  Your TV?  Your laptop?   Are our jails really overcrowded with people who were slammed in jail for non-payment of taxes?  What’s the sentence?  Can you refuse to have taxes withheld from your paycheck so they must be seized at the barrel of a gun?  If taxes are stolen from you, should those not paying taxes be allowed to use roads, bridges, schools, police, fire, Medicare/Medicaid….the military?  I’ll remind Mr. Seiler that, at his last job, his compensation was paid for by….taxpayers.

Ms. Foley is not a union stooge.  And union workers, nationally, make up just under 11 percent of the workforce.  And only 28 percent of registered voters in District 2 submitted a ballot.  And Moorlach got almost 31.5 percent of the vote meaning 68.5 percent did not choose him.  Elections do have consequences, but fortunately for Mr. Seiler’s former employer, taxpayer-funded pensions will make the former State Senator, Supervisor and Treasurer/Tax Collector comfortable for the rest of his life

As I prepare my own taxes this week, I’ll be mindful of the taxman at the door brandishing a weapon.

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  1. Mike McCoy Mike McCoy March 21, 2021

    First, let me say that I’m a conservative. I retired from Orange County Sheriff’s Dept. in 2007 based on what my safety retirement would be as a result of contract negotiations signed by both the sheriff’s association and the County of Orange. AFTER I retired, then O.C. Supervisor John Moorlach filed multiple law suits in an attempt to take away much of retiree’s pension. Each suit resulted in the same findings, it was a valid contract signed by both parties. THOSE law suits cost O. C. tax payers supposedly a few million dollars. There was an easy solution- simply amend the retirement plan for new employees hired after a certain date. Instead, Moorlach continued his agenda of trying to mess with our retirement funds. Did Moorlach ever think he would get the support of deputy sheriffs and other unions after his efforts.? It did’nt have to be that way, but Moorlach kept attacking retirees, so the sheriff’s association (AOCDS) and others fought back. Elections have consequences Mr. Moorlach. Next time try supporting the brave men and women who put their lives on the line every day to protect the citizens of Orange County.

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