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The difference between “when” and “if” in the BoS Special Election

Buzz Moorlach: “To Obscurity, and Beyond!”

The Sunday Opinion section in the Orange County Register has written so many pro-John Moorlach pieces, I’m starting to wonder if he’ll have to report the coverage as in “in-kind” contribution.

In case you missed it, pure fluff from OC GOP Chair Fred Whitaker a couple of weeks back, a Stephen Greenhut piece defending Moorlach from his silence on a staffer’s claim of rape against former State Rep. Bill Brough, a “Moorlach is a taxpayer champion”piece from Jon Coupal of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association.  You’d think there wasn’t three other Republicans in the race, let alone Democratic candidate Katrina Foley, the Mayor of Costa Mesa. Heck, the Register Opinion Desk endorsed Moorlach before Foley even had a chance to enter the race.

Well, Sunday’s edition had a nice page 3 column by DPOC chair Ada Briceno championing Foley. It was below the fold and fewer column inches than Whitaker’s Moorlach piece.  What story was above the fold?  A byline by John M.W. Moorlach himself — significantly longer with a report to the public on the finances of cities throughout Orange County.  This is a report Moorlach does every year and he complains that nine cities have not turned in data — largely because he’s no longer in office — and John doesn’t like to wait for public records like the rest of us.

But in Paragraph 4, this gem:  “My full report will come out after I’m elected to the Board of Supervisors from the 2nd District on March 9.”   After “I’m elected?”  The hubris.  The arrogance.  All in the perfect place for Moorlach – the Registers Opinion section which has failed to recognize Orange County has dramatically changed it’s politics since 1994.

The District has a 5 percentage-point GOP advantage in voter registration which includes the cities of  Buena Park, Costa Mesa, Cypress, Fountain Valley, Huntington Beach, Los Alamitos, La Palma Newport Beach, Seal Beach, Stanton, and (unincorporated) Rossmoor. The breakdown is 38 percent Republican, 33 percent Democratic and 29 percent NPPs or small party registrants.

For Moorlach, he’s 65 with lots of pension $ awaiting him  And more hurdles as two of the three current GOP members of the BoS are backing other Republican candidates. None of whom could be considered “fringe” candidates. Those three candidates are going to take votes Moorlach needs.  Foley is running as the only Democrat.  It’s all about getting the vote out in a district that still has a GOP registration advantage that is nullified by four candidates.  But for Foley, it’s all about voter turnout.

And in case anyone forgot, Senator Dave Min beat Moorlach in November — due to a positive message and strong ideas.  But also because Moorlach embraced the politics and policies of Former President Donald J. Trump.  Moorlach

Moorlach and his wife are home recovering from COVID19 infections.  Which is rich since  Moorlach mirrored Trump who consistently minimized COVID19’s threat to public health.  Moorlach equated vaccination requirements with totalitarianism.  When Moorlach lost to Min, he briefly thought that voter fraud had something to do with it.  Remind you of anyone in Orange makeup?

Let’s not forget, Moorlach is the author of a resolution supporting Trump on behalf of the state of California and — for the fiscal whiz he is supposed to be — suggested California cities voluntarily declare bankruptcy due to budget concerns caused by the COVID 19 pandemic.  Just what would that do to credit ratings?  I’ll answer — sink them which will cost taxpayers even more money.

But here’s the thing; like Trump, Moorlach is already counting on being elected.  He probably has already interviewed staff.  Since John has already determined he’ll be elected, time to prove him wrong.  Now isn’t the time to go easy because Foley is the only Democrat in the race.  Use Moorlach’s arrogance to work harder to get the vote out for Foley.  Give Moorlach the excuse that COVID cost him the race instead of his own arrogance.

And for our friends in the Register’s Opinion Desk, try getting out in the community instead of the safe Republican ones.  You’ll discover actual Orange County residents think very differently than you think they do.


  1. Mary Spadoni Mary Spadoni March 1, 2021

    Costa Mesa residents are screwed no matter what, either we continue her term as mayor or she move to BOS, either way disaster. Our city has had tumultuous ten years, her outbursts, yelling at residents who disagree with her, intimidation of businesses for contributions. It must be something in the Costa Mesa water, that we can’t have a representative council. Let’s not forget the lawsuit pending against CM by our former long term Chief Sharpnack., a well respected chief, until Foley “got in police business” by asking for tickets to be fixed, trying to have laws violated regarding the homeless. Sharpnack declined her interference andvin retalloation, she cut PD budget. I5 must be the water!

  2. Vern P Nelson Vern P Nelson March 2, 2021

    I don’t know where you get the idea that Janet Rappaport is a Republican. She is a classic Democrat spoiler candidate. That’s why the Lincoln Club is splitting their money between attacking Katrina and helping Janet. Anyway, she’s registered Democrat.

    I know you like my critiques. Well, most of your sentences need editing.

    That is all.

    • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | March 3, 2021

      Janet is a plant; DINO perhaps. You missed my point about her completely to which I’m not surprised. If you need to edit posts, start with the Winships and Greg’s which often have stroke-induced typos.

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