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Not Fake News

I’m still in shock at the Trump-incited storming of the US Capitol yesterday.  Treason. Sedition. Insurrection.  Pick one because you can make a case for it.

The claims from our right wing friends that Antifa was part of this is just plain nonsense.  For the Trumpers out there who got inside offices and inside the House and Senate chambers and took selfies and livestreamed the events, posting on Parler, Twitter and other social media platforms should make it easy for law enforcement to make more arrests than the 15 they did Wednesday.

These actions call for consequences.  One protester has already been fired from his employer in Maryland.  Facebook and Instagram have banned President Trump for their platforms for the next two weeks and possibly longer. Twitter blocked Trump for 12 hours yesterday and should ban him permanently from the platform after January 20 where he’ll move to Parler.

Crimes were committed.  By hundreds of people, encouraged by the outgoing commander-in-chief.  There’s a draft for an immediate impeachment and removal, and if the Twitter buzz is correct, Vice President Pence has called a cabinet meeting — possible to discuss removing the President via the 25th amendment.

Aside from broken windows, doors and furniture, federal information technology workers are going to be spending a fortune on running security scans, sweeping offices for listening/video devices, checking for malware and keyloggers.  The security at the Capitol is equipped with facial recognition software that will get a workout from the Justice Department under AG-nominee Merrick Garland.

It’s time to hold President Trump accountable.  If he’s not, let’s start saying only the president is above the law instead of no one is above the law.

I reached out to the OC GOP last night for a comment on what happened in DC Wednesday.  So far, crickets.  What a shame.

Breaking.  Here is their comment:  “Statement on the Unrest in Washington, D.C.

“Legal, peaceful protests and member challenges in the Congress to the Electoral College are a part of our system. But breaking the law, taking over the Capitol, assaulting law enforcement officers, instigating violence, and preventing the Constitutional process from taking place is not Conservative, not Republican, and not American.
We condemned Antifa and BLM this spring and summer for doing things like this, and we fully condemn those that took this action today. Law enforcement officers were injured and a civilian lost her life. These actions are unacceptable. They work to destroy the legacy of the Trump Administration, and hurt all of our efforts for election integrity. Our Republic is bigger than any one person or election. We stand for America and the Constitution. The Republican Party of Orange County will never stand for Mob Rule.”
No condemnation of President Trump, Donald Trump Jr. or Rudy Guiliani (trial by combat).  Sad.

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  1. Keep da Peace Keep da Peace January 7, 2021

    Looking at various photos from the newsfeeds, I had to laugh out loud at the dumbass looks on the participants, lounging around in Nancy’s office (boy, was she pissed) and around the rotunda. These guys were obviously confused because they never thought they’d actually get in. Make no mistake, this wasn’t a coup in the making. This was a bunch idiots banging a kettle loudly, doing what they used to accuse liberals of doing. Losers every one. Let’s get back to the business of government.

    One thing: that facial recognition software the government is using ought to make every American afraid, very afraid. It’s scary to think the government is invading our privacy in that way.

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