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ADEM elections coming up

A reminder for candidates and slates for the pending ADEM elections, please send your press release and photo to me for a posting here.  Use; and send as a Word document and not a PDF.

As a former ADEM delegate (elected before I was elected to the Central Committee) a notation.  ADEM elections are all about including as many new faces and voices as possible.  If you were elected the the DPOC Central Committee, there is no reason to run for a slot as ADEM — you’d only be taking away a seat that could go to someone else.  So if you’re on the roster for the Central Committee now and you’re a candidate on a slate, drop out — or be counted as someone who doesn’t want more people involved in our party.

If you have a question, please go to  

A question has emerged about E-Board representation for ADEMs.  So here’s a summary of the rule:

Who is eligible to run for the ADEM Executive Board Representative?
The position of AD Representative to the Executive Board shall be offered to the highest finishing ADD who has indicated their willingness to serve if elected at the time of filing their application to run.

All prospective candidates must file as an assembly district delegate candidate and indicate their
willingness to serve as the Executive Board Representative if elected at the time of filing their
application to run.

NOTE: The ballot and the listing of candidates on will identify those who have
indicated their willingness to serve as E-Board Rep if elected by (*) next to the candidate’s

There’s no need to vote for someone twice.

Haven’t registered to vote yet?  Go to and follow the directions to request a ballot.  And vote safely by mail.

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