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The end of an era; Pina’s Bistro closes

When my wife and I moved to Orange County in 1997, she mentioned the restaurant reviewer at the OC Register where she worked as a technology writer was getting hassled by the staff writers because he/she (I don’t remember who) was about to review Pina’s Bistro at First & Yorba Street in Tustin.

“If you write this, the secret is out,” they complained.

So of course, we had to go.  It’s been our go-to special occasion restaurant from years. My son’s and daughter’s high school dinners were there where we had the place to ourselves.  We’ve ordered her lasagna for special home dinners.  And I’ve ordered a number if gift baskets over the years. Pina and her daughters and long time employees made the sauce, the pasta, sausage and the salad dressing.  The pizza was the best in Orange County if you were lucky enough to get it.  Pina’s chicken parm should be its own food group.

Pina announced this morning that after 25 years, the restaurant has closed.  It’s not all bad news; she will continue to cater and offer her amazing sauce online.  She writes:

Thank you for your likes friends ,and your support for our little Bistro it’s amazing what God is done in this little space and I pray that you would all be blessed thank you so much for your support . 1995 we took the space it was a small coffee shop it is still small but it has been quite a restaurant.
I thank the Lord for the vision and for his strength and for my daughters, Who were integral part of my staff .what a blessing to be able to work with my daughters and and to show the love of Jesus in our place.
After 25 good years I am stepping away from the brick and mortar.Times have changed
Ready for the next chapter. Thank you all Very much.
My dear friends customers and acquaintances , I am posting on my site to let all the customers know that I have gotten out of the business, will not be running Pina’s Bistro any longer however, I am available for all your catering needs . Small parties, Christmas parties, and weddings. Also will be posting Christmas baskets created just for you, and all of my products dressing, marinare ,arrabbiata jars . I will be launching those products online soon. I am reaching out to let people know that I am still available .let me know your needs.
You can always reach me thru this site. Or private message me.  Here is my e mail

We went to Italy as a family in 2016.  The sights, sounds, wine and food were amazing.  Only one family dinner in Florence was better than any meal at Pina’s.

So do yourself a favor.  Order from her.

Damn COVID19.

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  1. Jeff Gallagher Jeff Gallagher November 13, 2020

    We were really disheartened to see Pinas close. We had hoped that the activity there was just a rehab during Covid. Now, I guess the rumor is true. Pina has been here since we moved into the neighborhood. It has been that lovely little hole in the wall where my wife and I could walk down and eat a peaceful, lovely meal. I’m with you….damned Covid.

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