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Two Things on Christina Shea Irvine Voters Need to Know Before Election Day

Christina Shea

Irvine Mayor Christina Shea has been making hay in the right wing press corps about the FPPC investigation of Farrah Khan into a foreign trip Khan took in 2019 as a private citizen after clearing it with the City Manager.  What Shea isn’t saying is that she was fined $1500 in 2019 based on an FPPC complaint we filed that Shea used city staff to expedite requests for her private government relations client Kia in 2016.  The Voice of OC did the original story but here is our blog post on that story:  

And Shea might be headed to court again over a social media censorship case.  Shea blocked Irvine resident Lamar West from her Facebook page.  Shea’s claim is it’s her private page and she can.  But in a number of cases where politicians use their personal page to discuss policy, courts have rule they can’t.

The case will be heard by a Judge in December when Shea may well be out of office.  Sources say Shea is seeking the city’s attorney’s assistance in representing her so she wants taxpayers to pick up her legal fees here.

Here’s the filing.  Lamar West v. Christina Shea_ COMPLAINT Receipt No_ ACACDC-27274205 – Fee_ $400 filed by plaintiff Lamar West. (Attorney Pedram Es

Careful about living in a glass house in Irvine while throwing those stones.

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  1. Michael Michael November 4, 2020

    Looks like Shea/Newgent strategy didn’t work. Farrah Kahn is leading Shea by 14 percentage points today and new gent is next to the last place.

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