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The Gripes of Raths 2: Raths Confuses Election Day with April Fool’s Day

It’s amusing to follow Greg Raths on Social Media.  To complain that the Orange County Register is Fake News and Liberal Media is funny.  To say Katie Porter dressed at “Batwoman” to vote to impeach Trump loses the nerd vote because she’s clearly “Batgirl” was amusing.  Posing with Asian women saying “Philipinos for Raths” means he can’t spell “Filipinos.”  But now he’s promoting “Democrats for Raths.”  I can’t type that without laughing.

Here’s a YouTube.  Does any Democrat in Orange County know who this actress is?

Here’s his mailer:

My friends, 

When I served in the military, I never asked if my fellow marines were Republican or Democrat.  I had their back and they had mine. We had one mission in mind and that was to protect freedom.

Many Democrats are supporting my campaign, especially moms.  They are concerned about their family’s safety.  Now law enforcement is on tactical alert to once again stop the rioting of the progressive left.  

I have a team of Democrats for Raths working hard to get me elected.  I need your help to support their efforts. They along with many others are ballot harvesting each and every day, making sure we have a Representative who puts our nation first.

Let’s take Orange County back. 


We invite any “Democrats for Raths” volunteers to post in comments but no aliases please.

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