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The Gripes of Raths: Calls OC Register “Fake News” and “Liberal Media”

GOP candidate for Congress in CA45, Greg Raths, who is endorsed by the Orange County Register’s Opinions editors, was AWOL from reporter Brooke Staggs story in Sunday’s cover story about OC’S congressional seats.

Raths didn’t respond to basic questions about his race against Porter.  Raths has gone full-Trump calling the Register “fake news” and “liberal media” in a fundraising letter to his supporters.  It’s a hysterical charge for those of us on the Left.

The OC Register’s editorial pages remain Libertarian and still cling to what Orange County used to be; they endorsed Raths saying he better reflected the make up of the District.  These opinion writers need to get out of their bubble and start talking with all the transplants now living in CA 45 who don’t like President Trump and flipped the District to a progressive superstar in 2018.

Staggs is a “just the facts ma’am” reporter.  Raths mischaracterizes her tweets explaining the difference between the news pages and the editorial/opinion section.  But calling the OC Register “fake news” and “liberal media” while refusing to participate in a story about an election three weeks away simply shows Raths lacks the thick skin someone from Congress requires.

Here’s the letter as a PDF (a cut and paste left the art behind):  Raths FakeNews

Last weekend, as Democrats for Greater Irvine waved signs for a boatload of Democratic candidates up and down the ticket at the corner of Alton and Culver Drive, where both Katie Porter and Dave Min, stopped by to join, Raths did a drive-by in his truck with his campaign sign.  Porter had long since left the rally, but how triggered was Raths to drive his own truck to that corner?

Snowflake much?


  1. Andrew Sussman Andrew Sussman October 14, 2020

    Thin skinned indeed. Raths has long blocked others who post anything critical of him or Trump from access to his campaign’s Facebook page. I look forward to his going the way of Mimi Walters.

    • Mike Buchmeier Mike Buchmeier October 14, 2020

      I lived for 32 Years in San Diego County where we were represented in Congress by another fighter pilot turned politician, Randy (Duke ) Cunningham. Cunningham never hesitated to use his status as a Viet Nam Ace as an identifier, but he was remarkably thin skinned and volatile if he thought he was being disrespected or ignored. I was a Boy Scout leader at the time in my son’s troop, and Cunningham showed up at a troop meeting one October in the late ’80’s, and what does he do but has a staffer pass out campaign flyers at the Boy scout meeting. Later he was indicted for bribery. Seems he had made a menu listing the cost of various “favors” that could be had and the price. He was eventually convicted and served 7 years. Don’t think that the skills that make one a great fighter pilot automatically make you a fair and honest politician.

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