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Bensworth-Perez Team Sends in the Lawyers; Claims DPOC Press Release Has Inaccurate Information

It’s always fun to get a call from a lawyer demanding a post be removed.  This time, an attorney representing Tustin City Council candidates James Perez and Kurt Bensworth contacted TheLiberalOC to demand yesterday’s DPOC press release be removed from the site, claiming the post had “inaccurate information.”

The pair earned an FPPC violation early this week for several campaign finance violations, including:reporting less than a quarter of the money they raised, not fully reporting expenditures, and not reporting to the public untold amounts of campaign expenditures such as Facebook advertisements, lawn signs, websites, and photo shoots.

So, in the interest of accuracy, here’s the documentation behind the FFPC complaint.  We invite them to tell us what is inaccurate here:

More importantly, here are their campaign filings.

Perez for Tustin City Council 2020_202009241516347457 Bensworth-for-Tustin-City-Council-2020 460 Statements

Integrity and honesty should be hallmarks of candidates for office.  Siccing a lawyer on a publication for republishing a press release is counting on someone to be scared enough to take the story down.  Not stating what information was inaccurate is weak sauce.

I invite the Pensworth and Perez team to respond in comments what is inaccurate about this post or the FPPC complaint against them.  If they don’t, it only confirms this pair are cowards and shouldn’t be on a ballot.