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Newgent’s email to Irvine voters on Farrah Khan reveals anti-Islamic bigotry

A source emailed me a letter Irvine Council candidate mark Newgent is sending around to hurt Mayoral candidate Farrah Khan.  Newgent is leveraging his military background and an anti-terrorism “expert” to ask the FPPC to investigate what he says is a violation of the law. Newgent apparentlty got his email list from Christina Shea who has sent unwanted emails to Irvine voters and she’s close to Newgent so it’s not unexpected.

I’ll get to the letter in a second, but there’s no violation of any law here.  Just a string of non-sequiturs that actually reveal Newgent as someone anti-Muslim in a city rich in diversity with a large Islamic population. But its clear Newgent is a bigot leveraging his military experience in a way the military won’t approve if.

Here’s the Letter:

One of my campaign promises is to expose and investigate corruption wherever we find it… 

    Furthermore, as a loyal career US Military Officer that loves my country I have a duty to report this to the FPPC.

As an elected official, Irvine Council Member Farrah Khan without permission from the US Government took gifts from and traveled to the hostile foreign government of Azerbaijan. A government that is currently at war with Armenia.

Of further concern during this trip Khan chose to share the stage and spend time with Iranian government officials that attended the event. The United States just today imposed new sanctions on Iran’s financial sector to stop illicit access to US dollars.

In my professional opinion as a Retired Military Police Captain and Anti-Terrorism Officer, it appears Khan is not loyal to our country based on her own stated activity and publicly available information.

     I believe that the FPPC must step in here to curb what appears to be an obvious violation of the law.

Mark Newgent
US Army, Retired
mobile: 949-287-3272


  1. There was the 5th Annual World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue in 2019 with a goal of promoting cultural understanding and tolerance.  The forum included speakers from the UN and UNESCO, countries from Africa and Israel and workshops included sharing best practices from around the world on making a positive impact by highlighting the importance of intercultural and interfaith.
  2. Farrah Khan attended this event as a private citizen and did not represent the City of Irvine in any way.
  3. A US citizen does not need permission from the US government to travel to Azerbaijan.  The government of Azerbaijan actually receives significant military aid from the US government to the tune of about $120 million with Democrats passing bills calling for greater oversight of US military aid in that country.  The nations considered hostile to the US are Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria.  Azerbaijan is nowhere on a list of governments hostile to the US.
  4. Khan did not accept any gifts but was eligible to apply for grants to offset the cost of travel; she did apply for those grants and received them as did a journalist from the conservative media outlet Breitbart, a couple Rabbis and a Bishop from Los Angeles.
  5. Khan was never on stage.  She sat in the audience with people from many countries.  She did not spend any time with any Iranian government officials.  New sanctions placed on Iran by the US this week have nothing to do with an event that happened last year.  Khan is in no position to assist Iranian financial sector access US dollars in any way, shape or form.
  6. Newgent is a retired Army captain; he is no longer a soldier.  He is a failed businessman who hasn’t made a dime from running a PPE company in the middle of a pandemic (which he has admitted to in court filings to defend his ballot designation).  Suggesting that Khan is not loyal to our country based on a collection of unrelated statements over an event designed to promote peace just says Newgent’s opinion belongs in a manure spreader. Newgent has demonstrated in his email that he is a racist.

Newgent only raised a little more than $2,000 for his candidacy in the last filing period after loaning himself $100,000; his only income is his military pension and his wife’s job. He’s a loser hoping to leverage his spotty military record to elected office.

I have several family members who served in the Army and Air Force; the Military has a code of conduct where honesty is part of being a good soldier.  they say he;s violated that. It’s probably a good thing Newgent is retired from service but this letter has more than its share of dog whistles in it that he should be embarrassed about it.

Newgent is a bigot against Muslims and he won’t  ferret out corruption committed by Christina Shea or himself for that matter,.


  1. Brett V Brett V October 9, 2020

    Dearest P.O.S. danny boy, tell everyone how you tried to sue mark because he wanted to use his rank as captain in the Army and you lost you idiot and will pay.

    Your own party thinks your a dip shit. Well you are a dip shit weesle.

    Your a little man that is about to be exposed soon enough and all of your naughty skeletons will be public info soon. I cannot wait for you to get a taste of your own pathetic, lonely , loser medicine.

    REMEMBER THIS: Mark beat your ass in court you effing moron.

    • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | October 10, 2020

      Only a ballot designation. Yep. Lost the battle on that one. Won the war. He revealed in court documents his PPE business is a failure. Hasn’t made a dime. But he promoted it on social media citing happy customers. Lied to the public then. Lying now.

      • Sean Voysey Sean Voysey October 11, 2020

        Oh hi, Mark.

    • Jane Doe Jane Doe October 10, 2020


      • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | October 10, 2020

        And “weasle”

        Speaking of weasles, these comments are all coming from the same IP address. Normally, I don’t check but the writing style is all the same. Nice try making it look like there’s a bunch of you. It’s only one coward

        • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | October 13, 2020

          I’m though page 650 of a transcript of a court martial in Ohio…trying to figure out why someone wasn’t charged with perjury But have to review police reports from Ohio and Irvine to get a better picture.

    • Anonymous Anonymous October 10, 2020

      Mark, these sockpuppet accounts really are a bit much.


    Mark Mugent and Christina Shea are truly shameless and total cowards. They can’t win fair and square so they resort to insincere legal attacks right before the election. In Shea’s case she accepts the dark money and uses it for sneaky behind the scenes dirty tactics. I can’t stand what the GOP has become. To think, I use to vote Republican (at the local and state level). Not anymore.

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