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Oh Her Emails! Shea’s Email Campaigning is Turning Off Irvine Voters

Christina Shea

Hello Irvine Voter.  Have you received an email from Mayor Christina Shea yet?  (Check your spam filter if not in your inbox.

A Republican friend of mine forwarded me this laughable email from Shea. He/she has no idea how Shea got the email.  And yes he/she is a never Trumper disgusted with the President and those who support him.  Shea remains under fire from voters for blocking people from her Facebook feed, so you’d like to think Shea and anything to do with the Internet is a bad mix.
Here’s the attachment from that email (sorry, this is the best I could do with the image):
Some of Shea’s claims of her accomplishments are pure bullstuff.  Traffic is as bad as ever.  Developers have her in their back pocket.  Building out the Great Park was all her?  Nice try.  Please ask Shea if the forensic auditor of the Great Park is still in business? Spoiler — they aren’t.  HSNO lost its license due to the way is conducted the audit and the false information they put out to benefit her campaign.
Former Irvine Mayor and Council member Beth Krom got this email forwarded to her as well, but not sure who sent it (doubtful from the same person who sent it to me).  And she posted this:
“I served with Christina Shea for fourteen of my sixteen years in public office. I’ve watched her take credit for things she had nothing to do with, abuse and attack her Council colleagues and city staff, use city resources improperly and serve developers who repaid her by funding hit pieces against her opponents in her races. Bottom line: Christina is bought and paid for by special interests.”
Shea’s claims about wins with developers is laughable.  Let’s go to the WayBack machine for Shea’s emails to developers warning them of a pending ballot effort: SheaEmailsToDevelopers2017.  
And let’s not forget, Shea once accepted an offer to run a political campaign for her former friend and current Mayoral opponent Katherine Daigle.  Here are those emails SheaDaigleEmails
When you look at campaign coffers, Farrah Khan is significantly outraising Shea, who has always needed a deep pockets political sugar daddy.  Khan’s endorsers are enthusiastic.  Shea’s seem resigned to an endorsement.
Shea seems to her decades of experience give her an edge over Khan.  Not when that experience is so wrought with bad policy.  Time to retire Ms. Shea once and for all.

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