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Irvine Police Patrolling Neighborhoods Near Two Irvine Council Members Homes Due to Online Posts from Council Candidate Mark Newgent

The LiberalOC has learned that the above online posting by Irvine City Council candidate mark Newgent so concerned the Irvine Police Department that IPD spent Friday running “patrol checks”with cruisers near the homes of two members of the Irvine City Council who have drawn Newgent’s ire. Both “targets” are candidates for city hall this Fall.

Irvine Police tell TheLiberalOC that patrol checks of this nature would be conducted for any city resident under similar circumstances.  The decision to do the patrol checks was solely that of Irvine Police based on the social media post above.

The image above depicts a scene that combines a Terminator with the Raptor/Kitchen sequence from the first Jurassic Park film.  Interesting that Newgent chose an image of a tearful little girl to reflect Mike Carroll and Patrick Strader.

Newgent has taken to social media after our post on Monday to push a false narrative that the post attacked his underage children and that somehow Council member Farrah Khan (running against Newgent pal Christina Shea for Mayor), Carroll, Council member Anthony Kuo and Five Point consultant Patrick Strader conspired to pay this blog to attack his children.  The post in question documented how Newgent has used his children as a political human shield to berate IUSD staff, trustees and administration since 2016 using public communications of emails and letters, as well as a review of his public comments in videos of each meeting of IUSD.

That Monday afternoon, Newgent’s response was to produce two videos using his teen daughter as a human shield against criticism about Newgent’s fitness to serve in an elected capacity.  At one point, he asked her a question and said “this isn’t scripted” which makes many wonder how much of his video work is scripted.  Let’s point out again, the person who violated his children’s privacy is Newgent himself, evidenced in the first response video he produced where he actually encouraged his daughter to talk about what happened at her school several times and she declined every time.

Newgent posted this mid-week:

What does this say about Newgent’s fitness to be an elected official in this city or anywhere?  He certainly has adopted the Trumpian way — create a false narrative, deflect blame instead of taking responsibility, and making veiled threats against perceived enemies.

Will Mayor Christina Shea remove Newgent from a City Advisory Committee?  Will County Supervisor Don Wagner ask for Newgent’s resignation?  Will Republicans in the Greater Irvine Republicans group kick Newgent out for breaking that 11th Commandment that “Thou shall not speak ill of another Republican?”

For someone who positions himself as a security expert, Newgent needs to take responsibility for the unhinged text messages, inaccurate livestreams, false narratives about threats against his family, charges of conspiracy and veiled threats to political opponents. His online posts were such a concern that Irvine Police felt that two council members warranted a police presence.

And this is still August. What happens in late October?






  1. Concerned Citizen Concerned Citizen August 14, 2020

    Mark Newgent has gone from claiming to be a security expert and upstanding member of our Armed Forces to making threats similar to school and other active shooters. I’m glad IPD is taking this seriously and everyone else in Irvine should as well. I hope they brought him in for questioning. He has just leaked his intent to do deadly harm to two sitting elected officials in this city. I know everybody is getting used to Mark’s unhinged rantings but this should not be ignored or excused as Mark being Mark.

    And why would he have a death machine hunting a little girl? Doesn’t he have a daughter that he’s “worried” about? Why would he portray violence against women but in particular little girls? None of this is normal and none of this is good. Shea and Wagner better end their relationship with this would be active shooter.

    They need to see this and so does the rest of the Irvine community.

  2. Christina Shea Christina Shea August 16, 2020

    A friend sent me this I don’t read your articles
    To answer your question
    My Mayors Committee disbanded
    May be of value to hold Farrah Kahn to a similar standard as you hold others but you don’t
    She encouraged protesters at my home twice, her democratic allies were stalking me on my private walks video taping me. I was threatened multiple times verbally and threatened in public and on public social media forums. Farrah held a fake news conference at city hall with radical Anti Semitic folks confirmed by another member of our Council calling me a racist, which I am not
    I didn’t ask for round the clock police at my home… they did patrol but not for a cartoon?
    What is this costing the taxpayers? I know she is your friend but this is what we all deal with in politics ….

  3. Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | August 17, 2020

    Well, Mr. Newgent continues to promote his place on your Mayor’s committee on his campaign page and alleges — in the Zoom debate from the Chinese Cultural Center on Saturday — that he is a city commissioner (and that his wife is Chinese, even though she’s from the Phillipines, but what are a few white lies between candidates and voters?). You continue to give this guy oxygen when the OC GOP humiliated him when he asked for their endorsement last week.

    If you’re walking in Irvine, you are in public whether its a private walk or not. Your response to protesters was completely insensitive to the COVID19 crisis and your solution is for these students to find jobs when there are none to be had (40 million out of work; unemployment at 10% nationally) just showed a complete lack of empathy.

    If you were threatened on social media forums, let the police know. Neither Khan or Carroll requested police support for a cartoon depicting a killing robot stalking a little girl — that decision was made solely by Irvine PD. And you said the cops patrolled your home — that’s exactly what they did for Khan and Carroll and what they would do for any resident of the city.

    Farrah held a “fake” news conference? No. It was a real news conference. Fake News is you and Mike Carroll hosting COVID19 videos on pandemic response which anyone can see is repeated on the county, state and federal level. This is taxpayer funded campaigning disguised as public service.

    Since you use your person social media accounts to promote city policy, you can’t block people. That policy extends to Trump’s personal Twitter feed — he can’t block anyone. You’re being rightfully sued for this, and even though you have taken your page private, you are asking the city to pay your legal bills. And I know you’re asking our city attorney to do just that. What’s this effort costing taxpayers?

    But know I don’t think you’re racist Ms. Shea, but you are a bigot. Your Pride Flag vote was a signed confession of your continued bigotry.

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