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OCTrueBlue Etsy Store Blooms from Trump Pop Ups; Buy Some Stuff


(Editor’s note: Got this email from Sandra Robbie and Jessica Tran who started a business to offer merchandise that counters all the crappy “Made-in-Bangladesh” crap at the booths; go to their Esty page and buy some stuff!  I did)

Saturday, June 27, exactly one week before 4th of July, that is when Sandra Robbie spotted the first Trump Tee-Shirt Booth on 17th and Newport near her home.

“Trump flags waving so high in the sky, planted in my neighborhood.  I felt hostage to this unwanted presence that appeared to claim this area for themselves.  I was appalled.  And then there were the tables laden with Trump bobble-heads and tee shirts…like an amusement park of my nightmares…all laid out for all of our children to see as they drove by with their families.  No.  Right there and then I said, “NO!”  This cannot go unanswered.  Our children need to hear us and see us out there working hard to build the America of justice, freedom, equality and true community, committed to making America awesome!

Sandra went home, pulled out all the cardboard and supplies she had and started painting JOE signs for Orange County.  Sunday morning, as she walked past the Trump booth with her signs and wearing her mask, she dropped off a bottle of cold water at the Trump booth for the man tending the booth.  “We’re gonna be here for a while,” she smiled with her eyes.  Then she staked out the corner of 17th and Newport, displaying and waving her Joe signs for hours, until her arms ached.  But each passing smile, horn honk, thumbs up and even the occasional thumbs down fueled the energy on.  More Joe supporters started showing up to wave signs and flags too and everyone was feeling the excitement of taking back our neighborhood and our flag and sharing our values and enthusiasm for the next president of the United States, Joe Biden!

On that day, Sandra discovered there was more than just that one Trump booth.  An attorney had funded over 30 booths all over Orange County.  So one by one, Sandra and her new Go Joe friends have visited the local booths and brought Joe love to the area.  And it is Joe love.  We never respond negatively to anyone giving the finger or waving their Trump support.  The only replies are, “Go Joe” or “We love you!”

Biden lawn signs have sold out and more are expected to arrive soon along with Joe tee shirts which should arrive by August 7.  And we’ll be waving our tall Biden and red, white and blue, Pride and BLM flags as well.

Check out Indivisible OC for more events!  We are gonna Rock this place.  Go Joe!

They can also check out Sandra Robbie on Facebook and look up Six Mix on YouTube for the music mix we are dancing and celebrating to as we wave our Joe Signs :-).

Also, Sandra has opened an Etsy shop entitled OCTrueBlue so folks can make contact-less purchases.  She has received orders from as far away as Georgia!

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