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Patriots for Change 2020 Launches Site to Aid Blue Wave in November

Introducing Patriots for Change 2020, a grassroots effort by a group of former reporters, video producers, political veterans, website developers, and others who are harnessing social media to reach American voters as we seek to replace Donald Trump and 9 GOP Senators in the November 3rd elections.

Check out our website — All are welcomed and encouraged to participate.

In addition, you can find us on Facebook at, on Twitter at @changepatriots and Instagram at @patriotsforchange.

We welcome and encourage all to share, follow, and post these links on your various social media platforms. Additionally, if you would like to participate in developing material — memes, blogs or raw material that our team can further develop — please go to the “Get Involved” tab.

We are in the fight of our lifetime for the soul and future of America.

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  1. David Katzner - Founder David Katzner - Founder July 17, 2020

    Thank you Dan for including us here and alerting your readers to what we are doing at Patriots for Change 2020. We have a remarkable team that is growing by the day, patriots who are dedicated to reclaiming our country and returning it to sanity, decency and, (dare we say) democracy!
    If you would like to join up or support the cause, please visit our site or FB page, check our ever-growing library of videos and blogs and let’s get to work!

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