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Rouda challenges Steele to 8 Debates

Harley Rouda

LAGUNA BEACH, CA — Today, Congressman Harley Rouda’s re-election campaign submitted another request to his opponent, Orange County Board of Supervisors Chairwoman Michelle Steel, to publicly debate the issues that matter most to Orange County’s working families. The letter mailed to Steel’s campaign yesterday is a follow up to Rouda’s original May 26th debate invitation.

In the letter, Harley for Congress Campaign Manager Alyssa Napuri sent the following statement:

“As our respective campaigns stay-at-home to protect public health, voters have limited access to listen to and demand answers from their congressional candidates. Congressman Harley Rouda firmly believes Orange County voters deserve ample opportunities to hear from their candidates on the issues that matter most.

In regard to non-negotiable aspects of these debates, our team insists:

  • Debates will be free and open to the public:
    • Constituents will physically attend the debates only if deemed safe under COVID-19 prevention safety measures;
    • Debates will be brought to the larger public through television and/or live-streaming services;
  • Each candidate will attend in person with proper COVID-19 safety measures in place;
  • No three debates will occur within the same city limits;
  • Moderators will be neutral and mutually agreed upon;
  • Topics of each debate will be mutually agreed upon;
    • At least two debates will focus on issues facing the Vietnamese and Latinx communities respectively.”

The campaign respectfully requested a reply by July 30th to give ample time to begin coordination of the debates and will continue demanding Chairwoman Steel’s presence on the debate stage.

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