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Libby Frolichman for DPOC West Vice Chair

The July meeting of the DPOC will bring forth an exceptional candidate for West Vice Chair; someone who will do what the job requires — support the clubs, register voters and not belittle the Party while doing the job,  That person is Libby Frolichman, currenlty an alternate to the DPOC Central Committee.

Here’s her political resume.  It’s impressive:

  • Lifelong Democrat from a Democratic household
    • Voted at age 17 in the 1980 Ohio primary
  • Joined West OC Democratic Club in 2015
  • Became an activist in January 2017
    • Women’s March 2017, 2018, 2019 and on local committee 2020
    • Founding Member, HB Huddle, a progressive grassroots organization
    • Protested outside Dana Rohrabacher’s office for 93 straight weeks
    • Participated in and helped organize many protests in Orange County including “Families Belong Together”, “OC Women’s March”, “Stop the Bans” and “No One is Above the Law”
    • Lobbied in Sacramento with Planned Parenthood and in Washington, DC for gun reform
    • Gave “public comment” at numerous City Council, School Board and Community College Board meetings
  • Joined additional Democratic Clubs starting 2018. Currently a member of all 6 clubs in the West Region, and chartering member of Democrats for Israel (a county-wide interest club).
  • Elected as a 72nd Assembly District Delegate to the California Democratic Party January 2019-present
  • Club Delegate to the Democratic Party Pre-endorsement conference 2018
  • Club Delegate to the Democratic Party of Orange (DPOC) County Central Committee 2019
  • Appointed as alternate member to the DPOC 2019-present
  • Canvassed, phone-banked, texted, and donated to multiple local Democratic candidates
  • Volunteered at the OC Fair, Strawberry Festival, Flag Day & 4th of July Parade

Education:  Bachelor of Science, UC Berkeley, Major:  Business Administration; Emphasis:  Marketing

Employment:  Major sub-contracts administrator 1985-1992. Owned a small craft jewelry business 1992-1998

Homemaker 1998-present

Libby Frolichman

Here’s what members of different Democratic clubs in the West Region have to say about Libby.

“Libby’s track record demonstrates an ability to interface among diverse progressive groups. She is welcome and respected.”

—Julie Rivett, Vice President, Democratic Club of West Orange County

Phil Silverthorn, Vice President, Democratic Club of West Orange County

Alternate, Central Committee



“Libby is constantly listening, learning and doing all she can to be a better advocate and leader and in fact I even bumped into her at a USC all-day political strategy event.  She will tell you that she has found her passion and that it is activism. I can tell you that she is definitely a passionate advocate.”

—Nathan Searles, California 72nd AD Elected Delegate and Seal Beach Democratic Club Chair (for identification purposes only)


“Libby is a force of energy with a big heart and a very fine mind. When she says she’ll do something, it gets DONE!”

—Maxine Maly, Vice Chair Costa Mesa Democratic Club


“She has leadership qualities which are infectious, bringing others to serve with her.  Libby is a quick learner and she upholds the values of our beloved Democratic Party”

—Raymond L. Cordova, Chair of South County Labor, AFL-CIO and member of the 72nd AD.


“Libby is a strong woman with compassion and vision.  She has great leadership ability and people flock to her when she leads a charge…She has a uniting and embracing personality.  She is one of those people that sees wrong and tries to right it.”

—Laura A. Reichelt, Vice Chair of the 72nd ADA Democratic Alliance


“Given how she has been received by the members of our club, we are confident that Libby Frolichman is the right person to serve as the West Area Vice Chair for the DPOC Central Committee.”

—Mary Tromp, President

Mary Larson, Immediate Past President

Seal Beach Leisure World Democratic Club


When the Party meets for July, I hope Libby is elected by acclamation.  Time for a grown up in the job.


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