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Rep. Harley Rouda: Michelle Steel’s Homophobia Proves She’s Unfit to Serve

LAGUNA BEACH, CA — Today, Congressman Harley Rouda released the following statement reacting to a video released by Equality California that exposed Orange County Supervisor Michelle Steel’s homophobic comments regarding her daughter’s past support for same-sex marriage.

“For thirty years, Orange County was represented in Congress by someone who believed that LGBTQ Americans deserved less because of who they loved. In 2018, advocates and allies from both sides of the aisle came together to defeat Dana Rohrabacher and his blatant homophobia.

The first piece of legislation I signed onto as a Member of Congress proudly representing Orange County, was the Equality Act. I signed my name to send a message to Orange County, especially LGBTQ children — you are welcome in our community, I will support you, and I will not rest until we are all equal under the eyes of the law.

A person who cannot support their own child for believing that love is love, and same-sex couples deserve the right to marry, is unfit to serve at any level of government. Chairwoman Steel’s views are toxic and harmful to the lives of our LGBTQ community. I look forward to defeating homophobia at the ballot box once again.”

Harley Rouda

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