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The GOP’s 11th Commandment Still Lives on in Irvine

There’s been a lot of discussion about the multiple Democratic Clubs with the Democratic Party of Orange County these days.  And I’ve only every heard a small smattering of references to Republicans Clubs in the County.  So I went looking for one in Irvine and discovered Greater Irvine Republicans. The club was founded by former City Council candidate John Park after the 2018 Blue wave allowed Democrats to take control of every House seat that touches Orange County.

It’s hard to live in OC without friends who are conservative, but let’s note that almost every Republican elected never says a bad word about President Trump.  Never a criticism.  Republican candidates like Greg Raths and Michelle Steele openly support Trump’s presidency and policies.  In Irvine, Mayor Christina Shea is under intense criticism for her stance on the Pride Flag in Irvine, a lack of empathy towards UCI students who need rent/lease relief, and issues about police protests.  But there’s never a critical word from Supervisor Don Wagner, or council members Anthony Kuo and Mike Carroll.  No criticism of gadlfly “Mother” Mark Newgent over his slanderous and untruthful Facebook pages and social media posts.  Just how can a member of GIR have a member running a Liberal Facebook page?


Ronald Reagan’s 11th commandment — thou shall not speak ill of another Republican.

It’s actually in the GIR’s rules. And the inability to be crticial of a member of your own party makes you look weak and unprincipled.

From the Facebook page of Greater Irvine Republicans, there’s this:

Irvine Republicans, now Greater Irvine Republicans, was founded by John Park on December 2, 2018. This was shortly after Orange County had lost all of its Congressional seats to Democrats. For the first time in history, the once very red Orange County was all blue. In response, John formed this group to mobilize Republicans in Irvine and in neighboring OC cities. The mission was simple and it remains the mission today. The mission is to keep RED seats and win RED seats!

Almost immediately after the group was started, John recruited Peter Warnock, a good friend and also a local die-hard conservative. With Peter’s help as co-founder, the two began to lay the foundation for an organization far beyond a Facebook group.

The first official meeting was a coffee meet and greet on 1-26-19. On that Saturday morning, 14 like-minded neighbors came together at Knowlwood Restaurant in Irvine. The rest is history as they say.

Today, the group is an incorporated non profit association in the State of CA. The association consists of over 800 general members and is led by an Executive Board and Committee Chairs — all volunteers giving their time and resources for the mission. GIR general meetings are held on the last Wednesday of every month. More information about the meetings can be found at GIR also holds fundraisers, social gatherings, and annual events such as the Great American BBQ and the GIR Christmas Gala.

The membership is composed of Republicans and or Independent Conservatives in the local area. Specifically, members reside in Irvine and in neighboring OC cities that share Congressional, State Senate, and State Assembly Districts with Irvine. The membership consists of core conservatives to center right moderates. Among the members are activists, elected officials, party leaders, commissioners, candidates, and political newbies. GIR welcomes ALL Republicans and we adhere to the 11th commandment which states “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican”. Democrats are strictly prohibited from being members of GIR.

In the coming months and years, the association will mobilize to win red seats. The members will participate at all levels of campaigning including fundraising, walking, phone banking, and whatever else it takes to accomplish our mission one red seat at a time. For 2020 and beyond. with grassroots level Republicans like GIR members, the members firmly believe in making Orange County red again.

John Park, Chairman UNITE. ENGAGE. ACT. GREATER IRVINE REPUBLICANS Chairman & Founder: John Park Vice Chair: Ray Gennawey Treasurer: Peter Warnock Events and Volunteer Chair: Suzanne Flores Sergeant at Arms, Parliamentarian: Joshua Recalde Martinez Membership Chair: Liezel Canto NOTE: GIR is not endorsed by or have any official relationship with the OC GOP, CA GOP or the National Republican Party. However we partner with all.

Group Rules from the Admins


The Eleventh Commandment

Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.


Republican and or Conservative

You must be a Registered Republican or a Conservative Independent. You cannot join this group as a Registered Democrat.


Greater Irvine Resident and Issues

You must be a resident of Greater Irvine, CA. Also, we try and limit key topics to issues that affect our campaign Districts.


Stay on Topic, Limit Talking Heads Videos

Please do what you can to stay on topic and on the goals of this group. Also, please limit talking heads videos we can all watch elsewhere on our own time.


No Promotion of Other Groups of Pages

We’re trying to grow this group so please don’t use the group to promote other groups or pages. Also, please know your source when reposting.


No Promotions or Spam

Self-promotion, spam and irrelevant links aren’t allowed. Shared reposts from non media sources, link posts without commentary, and posts with pay walls are not allowed.


No Live Videos

Unless it is an official event by GIR, no live feeds please.


Be Kind and Courteous

We’re all in this together to create a welcoming environment. Let’s treat everyone with respect. Healthy debates are natural, but kindness is required.


No Hate Speech or Bullying

Bullying of any kind isn’t allowed, and degrading comments about things like race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, or gender will not be tolerated.


Respect Everyone’s Privacy – NO SCREEN CAPTURE

We require mutual trust. Authentic, expressive discussions make groups great, but may also be sensitive and private. What’s shared in the group should stay in the group. NO SCREEN CAPTURES.


Say want you want about Democrats in OC.  When members of our party get out of line, we do something about it.  With Republicans, nope.

So glad you have a club to go to, oh you like-minded right wingers.  When Biden gets elected, you’ve revoked your right to complaint about any gaffe or national priority choices as you stayed silent during the Trump era.

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  1. Jon Jon July 6, 2020

    Ah Warnock… loves to stir up shit in the general Irvine Facebook groups

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