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A Reading from the Book of Mother Mark; If Thou Can Lie About Being a Mom, One Can Lie About Being a Liberal

Mother Mark is Mark Newgent, a failed Republican candidate for Irvine Unified and Irvine City Council and County Supervisor Don Wagner’s appointee as commissioner for the Waste Management commission for the County of Orange.  This blog and former OC Register report Eugene Fields outed Mark as the creator of a Facebook page called “OC Moms 4 Truth” which did nothing but project lies and libel on Irvine City Council member and Irvine Mayoral candidate Farrah Khan.

Mother Mark uses a computerized male-sounding AI-generated voice to narrate falsehoods about Khan’s “secret support” of Republicans.  The exception: a campaign video for Lauren Johnson-Norris from 2018.

Mother Mark has decided it was time to shake things up and the new name of the page is “Liberals in OC” or “Liberals OC.”

So my question for Mayor Christina “Karen” Shea and Dirty Don “we don’t need no stinking masks to pray” Wagner and Fred Whitaker is did you know Mark was a closeted liberal and how might that affect future runs for office?  Is this the sort of honesty you guys can endorse or is it a desperate cry for attention by Mother Mark?

So one detail to clear up from last week’s post.  It seems Newgent and his family have moved to a new address near CanyonView Elementary (my neighborhood!).  Guess I’ll have to bring my bulletproof beach towel to the neighborhood pool in case Mother Mark is packing heat.  See you at the Boba place some weekend Newg…  But the move means Newgent may run for Council this cycle or wait to oppose Ira Glasky for IUSD.  As IUSD has districts by neighborhoods, good luck running as a Republican against the well-liked and well-respected neighbor that Glasky is.

Secondly, the outing of Mother Mark was a surprise to many.  And many believe Newgent lacks the skill set required to manage a social media presence so anonymously.  The name John Scott Horner III keeps surfacing.

So let’s review:

  • Mark makes videos of protests claiming protesters are paid agitators by Democratic candidates
  • Mark was outed as a mom for a social media page, hence forever known as “Mother Mark”
  • Mark shows up at Mayor Shea’s condo in the middle of the afternoon to video record her saying offensive things about UCI students
  • Mark wants IUSD students to have bullet proof backpacks and schools to have armed guards making the buildings prisons and not places to learn in the nation’s safest city
  • Mark is a waste management commissioners — do what you know!
  • Candidate Mark uses Boy Scouts in his campaign literature in violation of BSA rules
  • Doesn’t the military have some sort of code of conduct about honesty?  He fails.
  • The OC GOP rescinded an endorsement of Mark in 2016
  • Mark has a chapter 7 BK in Hawaii in 2008; do you think he’d be a good steward of taxpayer dollars as a public official?

Would anyone like to design a MotherMark logo for future posts?


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