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President Trump should resign over Russian/Taliban Bounty for US Soldiers

Donald Trump

When President Bill Clinton lied about his affair with intern Moncia Lewisky, the editorial boards of nearly 100 newspapers called for him to resign.

Several reputable national and international news organizations have reported President Trump was briefed by our Intelligence about bounties paid for by the Russians to the Taliban for killing US soldiers.  The response from the White House — the president wasn’t briefed, the facts were not conclusive and its another Russian hoax.

Not one word from the President about this intelligence other than denials.  Not a single promise to investigate this intelligence to fully confirm it.  No matter how much evidence is presented that Trump was briefed and the White House did know, as afar back as 2019, about this bounty program, not a peep from anyone in the Republican Party other than Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyoming).

Not a peep out of Fred Whitaker, Greg Raths, Young Kim, Michelle Steele, Don Wagner, Andrew Do, or Harry Sidhu.  Not a single word.

Under this president, we face a crisis of public health, economic catastrophe, environmental calamity and now financial bounties on our military as our President remains more concerned about is re-election so he can ignore laws he doesn’t like, enrich his friends and business associates with our tax dollars — debt and deficit be damned, and bow to despots of foreign powers who are not allies.  When Joe Biden gets elected, there are a lot of Republicans who let Trump’s behavior slide who need to shut the hell up.  There’s a reason #TRE45ON trended on Twitter this week.

And for our friends on newspaper editorial desks — not one call for Trump to resign.  Bill Clinton lied under oath about an extramartial affair and he had to go?  Our Constitution is in crisis and the future of our Republic is at stake.  Time for some masthead editors to grow a spine and call for Trump and the GOP to be held into account.

And in November, I pray voters will remove Trump and many in his party from office — all the way down to dogcatcher.

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