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A message to Irvine Voters from Krom and Kang

Dear Chair Briceno, DPOC Executive Committee and Central Committee Members and Alternates,

As two former Mayors and City Councilmembers in the City of Irvine, we have an interest in seeing positive, progressive and community-focused leadership restored in our city. It’s been eight years since our City Council has been controlled by a Republican majority. That was achieved through dark money and campaigns of lies and smears. This election represents an unprecedented opportunity to claim up to four seats, establishing a new majority that is aligned in its democratic values and priorities and prepared to work together to once again establish Irvine as a global city focused on the future.

Much of the progress we helped to advance in the years we served has been reversed. Just as Trump has made “anti-Obama” the genesis of his policy positions, so too have those who have controlled the Irvine City Council since 2012 made attacking and undoing the projects, programs and priorities we fought for their priority. Just as a second term for Trump will ensure even worse to come, so too will the continued actions of a Republican dominated Irvine City Council.

For these reasons, and many more, we are writing to urge you to support an early endorsement for Farrah Khan for Irvine Mayor and Lauren Johnson-Norris and Tammy Kim for Irvine City Council along with Melissa Fox for State Assembly. With three City Council seats up for grabs, that will still leave an opening for quality candidates who announce before the filing deadline.

Thanks to the incredible hard work of Democrats like you, Irvine is now BLUE city. However, winning elections is never easy. This cycle is complicated by the impacts of COVID-19. With a Mayor’s race and three City Council seats in play, there will be a large field of contenders. That’s why identifying, endorsing and supporting a team of candidates — and doing so early — is so important. Voters who want leaders who value equity and social justice need to know who to vote for. Voters who support workers rights, tenants rights and human rights need to know who to vote for. Voters who want leaders who will fight for a sustainable future — environmentally, socially, economically — need to know who to vote for. People who support policies that benefit children, families, seniors and veterans need to know who to vote for.

These candidates have demonstrated their commitment to uphold our democratic values and work in the public interest. An early endorsement from the DPOC will be a powerful statement about our commitment to helping democrats get elected to local office. Let’s put our energy behind winning every seat in this race and prove that people are still the most powerful force in our democracy.

Thank you.

Beth Krom, Former Irvine City Councilmember (2000-2004, 2008-2012) and Mayor (2004-2008)

Sukhee Kang, Former Irvine City Councilmember (2004-2008) and Mayor (2008-2012)


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