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Resign, Victor

DPOC West Vice Chair Victor Valladares is a free spirit  He says what he believes.  But in the last two months, what he says and has said is deterimentel to Democrats in OC.

This blog, and me as a Central Committee member, is calling on Victor to resign his post as West Vice Chair.  Voters elected him in 2016 and again 2020; that’s fine. But he’s not a party leader and needs to go,

Here is what he posted this week.

After Bernie Sanders withdrew, he posted a similar message.  He did not believe in the party.  As vice chair, Victor is a party leader.  He has demonstrated he doesn’t care.  The DPOC should remove him from this post or he should resign.

I proposed this to the party leadership (and I am a Party central committee member):

Notice of Action and Resolution to Removal Central Committee Member Victor Valladares as West Vice Chair

Victor Valladares is the DPOC’s Western Vice Chair.  He is active on social media platforms and has made two posts since April 8 that are harmful to the DPOC and CDP when coming from a party leader.

On April 8, after candidate Bernie Sanders suspended his campaign for president, Valladares posted on Facebook, “I don’t believe in this party.”  On May 7, he posted a Facebook message that he places people before the party and wrote “Fuck the Party.”

We, the undersigned, are disappointed that one of our party leaders has lost faith in the work the party does leading into a critical election cycle.  We are calling on the full party to remove Valladares as West Vice Chair.  As Valladares is duly elected by the voters in 2016 and was re-elected in 2020, voters have decided they want him to be one of the voices in the party.  But his actions make him unfit to serve as a vice chair.

We are calling on him to resign and, if he refuses, he should be removed by a vote of the full party at the next meeting.

It’s the party’s call.  But he’s clearly unfit.  He ought to resign.

My gripe with the party is that certain members can get away with murder while other risk membership with a side eye.  That hasn’t changed under currently leadership.  The party leadership should step up here and remove him.  If they do not, I will take it to the CDP and DNC.

And perhaps rank and file members will dictate to the party what they should do. Or Victor could the right thing  stay on the Central Committee and someone else do the job of Vice Chair.




  1. Kathy Carrick Kathy Carrick May 8, 2020

    Any reasonable person can see Valladares is not qualified to hold any position of consequence. Worst case, he’s an abuser of children and women. Best case, he’s a liar and cheat. Any organization should seriously question why they would, under any possible circumstances, place him in a responsible position. And if there are any questions, please take a look at his employment history.

    • Jane Q Jane Q May 27, 2020

      How is he an abuser of children and women?

      • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | May 28, 2020

        you’d have to pose that question to Red State

  2. John Gipson John Gipson May 8, 2020

    Victor is mentally ill. He has been arrested many times and is not capable of conducting himself with any kind of normal way. He is not a democrat, he is a Castro communist.

  3. Dianne Dianne May 9, 2020

    Do the democrats in OC really want to find themselves defending this thug for the next 6 months? Shameful that he was ever elected into any sort of position with his violent, reckless and abusive background. And for all of his DUIs he still flaunts his drinking online. His selfish, childish, and irresponsible behavior may already have cost Harley Rouda the election and who else will he torpedo on the down ticket? His mother hen mentor, school board president Gina Clayton Tarvin? Brave piece, Dan. Thank you from the silent majority of OC Dems.

  4. Pat from Anaheim Pat from Anaheim May 9, 2020

    I knew nothing much about Victor until I saw the article that broke this week about how seriously he allegedly beat and tortured his ex and the numerous arrests. How has he gotten this far in the party??? And then he posts “f— the party” REALLY? What does he have to do to get the boot, kill someone? Even then I bet there would be apologists. Shameful.

  5. Bob Bob May 10, 2020

    Victor’s shortcomings aside, any reasonable person who is a Democrat should be questioning their allegiance to a party which is fraught with corruption and mal-intent and supports a presidential candidate (Biden) who doesn’t seem to know what planet he is on and has been accused of crimes against women and questionable behavior around children. I think it is now time for Democrats to consider forming a third party option With a strict code of ethical behavior and stop the BS they have been perpetrating on America.

    • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | May 10, 2020

      Bob, President Trump has been accused of sexual harassment to rape by 25 women. He used to walk in the dressing room of the beauty contest he owned while girls as young as 15 were half dressed. Trump is the creepy one.

      • ed ed May 29, 2020

        And this makes Biden’s behavior OK how? Please expand.

        • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | May 30, 2020

          There are two stories about Tara Reid. One in PBS and one in Politico. The PBS story interviews dozens of Biden staffers. All say he was never inappropriate with any of them. The Politico story focuses on Reid’s friends who say she uses people, gets favors or money, and goes on to the next one. Reid’s own #MeToo lawyer cut ties with her two weeks after signing on which should speak volumes. May I direct you to payments made to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal for their silence. And there’s that video of Trump partying with Jeffrey Epstein and NFL cheerleaders. And Trump’s cameo in a Playboy soft core porn video. Still want to talk about Biden?

  6. Michael Hoskinson Michael Hoskinson May 11, 2020

    Victor’s crimes have been open knowledge for years. The DPOC took him in with open arms knowing exactly who they were getting, a sociopathic social justice phony that would do or say anything to rise in their ranks. It was fine when he was directing voter fraud in the 2018 election, kicking his wife down their stairs or being a repeat drunk driving offender….but when he says “Fuck the Party” well…that’s just too much.

    Even his oh-so-open relationship with Gina Tarvin, the newly-annointed Mayor of Walmart, could not save him.

    Like a good soldier he’ll head off to rehab and do his time in the woods, emerging a more contrite, learned and focused soldier for the cause. Maybe a new, strategically placed, tattoo tailored for the public’s edification…perhaps a Chinese symbol meaning “Balance” or the number of his sponsor; a signpost to others that he is Risen and ready for the next campaign, his mind fully right and fixated on the true enemy.

    • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | May 11, 2020

      Some points of order here.

      Victor did not direct voter fraud in 2018. Additionally, he was an employee of the DCCC not of the Harley Rouda campaign. My understanding is he works for neither now, but did have a Facebook post suggesting that if candidates sought the party endorsement in his “region” of the county, they have to go through him which I believe is not the party’s policy. Victor is an effective activist for the Oakview neighborhood in HB. And my understanding is the party helps him be an effective activist as well.

      The Executive Board is dealing with Victor’s posts and videos tonight. If they are unable to convince him to resign, I have enough signatures for my motion to bring this to a vote. I will also develop a similar resolution calling for his censure.

  7. Bob Bob May 11, 2020

    I’m not justifying what Trump has done if those allegations are true. I have not heard of these specific accusations, though I will say Trump has been subject to a far higher level of scrutiny than Biden and most of the accusations against Trump have been questionable at best. That aside, the main focus about my statement is that Dems should not blindly follow the edicts of the party leadership and yes that’s true for both parties but in particular the Dems given the recent revelations of Democratic misfeasance and malfeasance in their attempts to overthrow the government. Further, while you may not like Trump or his policies, his mental state as commander in chief is far more conducive to fulfilling the job than Biden’s. Now I realize you will argue that point because your level of dislike for him does not allow you to be objective.

    • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | May 11, 2020

      Overthrow the government? Trump’s mental state? Bob, keep drinking the Kool Aid

  8. Stephanie Stephanie May 11, 2020

    Victor really needs to go. Have spoken with Jeff LT about this but sadly, according to others as well that have reached out to Jeff, he reaaaaally likes Victor and was supposedly entranced when Victor posted that livestream on Facebook from the gay strip club in Seattle ( he was there, according to his post, with his partner, Oscar). Jeff is letting his personal tastes impede any/all political common sense. Sad, really.

    • 4th District Resident 4th District Resident May 11, 2020

      Nice homophobic slant on things “Stephanie”. I don’t know Victor but if this blog denounces him he must be doing something right. Oh, and David Vasquez and OC DEM send their regards from cuckoo land.

      • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | May 13, 2020

        Jeff is a happily married man and is a big fan of Victor’s advocacy. Oscar is now a candidate for HB city council. Let’s see if that video disappears from social media feeds before the GOP gets to it.

        • 4th District Resident 4th District Resident May 13, 2020

          “Jeff is letting his personal tastes impede any/all political common sense. Sad, really.”

          Sad, homophobic comment. Approved by you = homophobe too. Jeff may have to get loud on you.

  9. Money_mountain Money_mountain May 27, 2020

    Yeah, man. Don’t you get it? Biden’s got to up his alleged sexual assault numbers if he’s gonna comptete with Trump for the “creepy” title. One credible assault allegation? That’s bush league, son. The guy needs at least seven to even qualify.

    Dan, you sound like a fucking mutant. And party purges? Are you really too dumb to get the irony here?

  10. ED ED May 29, 2020

    Exactly! It is this level of incompetence and flat out hypocrisy this party has decided to adopt, that will lead it to its demise. But they are so caught up in this virtual world they created with their bogus “we care” message they dont even sense they are practically the same dumpster stench as the other dumpster.

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