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Nomad’s May have a Licensing Program


So by now, most everyone has seen the photos, watched video and read stories about Nomad’s Cantina in San Clemente which opened last weekend in defiance of the Governor’s orders due to COVID-19.  You’ve probably heard County Supervisors Don Wagner and Michelle Steel defend the restaurant and urge the OC Health Care Agency not to punish the establishment.

Meanwhile, thousands of restaurants and bars through OC and So Cal are still following the Governor’s orders.

My question to Wagner and Steel is “which laws can I ignore without penalty?”

For the folks at Nomad’s, there is likely a price to pay in the form of the State Alcohol Bureau.  Sources tell TheLiberalOC ABC has opened an investigation into the Nomad’s opening and operation, where no social distancing was practiced, no patrons or employees sold masks, the owner’s reported they sold out of food and booze.

“ABC’s preference is education over enforcement. However, we are prepared to move forward with disciplinary action against those businesses that are in violation of stay at home orders,” said John Carr, PIO, ABC.

Once the investigation is complete, the Cantina faces a possible fine, suspension or revocation of their liquor license.  Laws have consequences.  If County officials won’t enforce an order from the Governor, they ought to suffer the consequences as well.

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