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ARDA-Veteran’s Cemetery Petitions garner Nearly 20,000 Signatures — 7,000 More Than Needed

A message from Irvine’s Ed Pope:

Over the past several months, hundreds of volunteers have worked tirelessly to gather the signatures necessary to qualify our ballot initiative to designate the 125-acre site (“ARDA”) on the former El Toro Marine Corps Air Station at the Great Park in Irvine as the once-and-for-all citizens’ choice for the Veterans Memorial Park & Cemetery.  And, generous donors made sure that our all-volunteer team had the resources they needed to get the job done.

Today, we turned in a whopping 19,758 signatures!  That’s nearly 7,000 more signatures than required by State law to qualify our initiative for the November ballot.

I am so grateful to every volunteer who took the time to help us gather the signatures.  I’m also thankful to each person who financially contributed to our efforts.  Today’s celebration belongs to you!

But, our job isn’t over yet.  Mega-developer FivePoint has already begun their million-dollar disinformation campaign to defeat our initiative in November, so they can grab our precious parkland for their own massive development projects.

FivePoint is counting on us not having the financial resources to fight back against their lies and vicious attack ads.  They know that our committee has limited financial resources, and that we will be relying on small donors like you for this second critical phase of the campaign.  That’s why we need your help right now!

Donate $25, $100, $500 — whatever you can reasonably afford — to make sure that we have the funds necessary to get our initiative passed so that construction can begin this year.  Click here to donate now.

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  1. FrankCup FrankCup March 20, 2020

    Compared to our neighboring cities, Tuesday s Tustin City Council meeting was downright festive. Even the council members were dressed casual Friday. Irvine, as you know, is attempting to hoodwink their residents into thinking that plans for the veterans cemetery died with the NO vote on Measure B. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth and now the factions that covet the ARDA location for 5 Points are scrambling to find a different, albeit suitable, location at the Great Park.

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