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Of Logos, Branding, Endorsements and Puffery


If you believe the Orange Juice’s Greg Diamond — someone removed by the local and state party from positions of leadership on three occasions — candidates for DPOC Central Committee are freaking out because two candidates used the DPOC logo in social media pitches for their candidacy for re-election.  A third one — his brother-in-law Jeff LeTourneau, who is North County Vice Chair — also included a social media photo with the DPOC logo in the background after he told two members to pull their photos “because people were having melt-downs.”

Take a breath.

There is nothing in the DPOC bylaws that governs the use of the local party’s logo.  You could make one argument for it, but its filed under “non-partisan party campaigns” whereas Central Committee is certainly partisan.

Diamond goes after Central Committee member Anita Narayana and Regional Director Deborah Skurnik, suggesting their use of the party logos implies an endorsement.  From the guy who gave bloggy virtual footrubs to conservative Republican mayor Tom Tait, it’s a stretch too far.

Both Narayana and Skurnik were endorsed by DPOC Chair Ada Briceno, or so I’m told. Both are current members of the DPOC.  Use of the logo shouldn’t be an issue per the endorsement of the party chair. And there’s not a single rule about the use of the Party’s logo by candidates in the current bylaws.  What’s interesting is Diamond would not publicly identify his brother-in-law as the third offender here — family forgiveness?  He went after Narayana– who voted against his removal from the Central Committee in 2018.  And he went after Skurnik who lent her name to remove Diamond from the CDP successfully last November.  It’s about revenge more than logic.

Use of a logo can imply membership to an organization.  Not necessarily an endorsement.  The party has not endorsed any candidate for Central Committee while our party chair has.

Diamond’s post is more about settling scores than actual policy. And for LeTourneau to call both women to yank their posts while using a photo of himself in front of the party logo, well that’s another example of leadership people who don’t apply.

Diamond’s argument is it’s a trademark violation    This image is not trademarked.

So what?

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  1. Kindness Kindness February 27, 2020

    Been reading back and forth between you and him and I have a few observations:

    1. Both of you have competing blogs which makes you his rival for reader mind share so there’s skin in the game to smear a rival. You cancel each other out.

    2. Both of you have reduced yourselves to attacking each other along with including HIPAA information in the attack / coupled with making fun of their physical characteristics. With almost 1/2 of the U.S. being overweight – not kind.

    3. Attacks on families beyond your target? Again, not only does that hit your target but it also casts shade on the family around him who are innocent.

    Be better gentlemen, feels like you’re using the same tactics as Trump which is a huge turnoff. Be better gentlemen.

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