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No Endorsements, But Here was my Ballot

I cast my first ballot by mail this week; I generally like the experience of going to the polling place and voting but work schedules are crazy this time or year and it was just easier.

TheLiberalOC is not making any endorsements for the California primary.  I encourage you to research all the candidates and vote for who you think is best for the office that candidate is chasing.  With the exception of the Central Committee races, here’s who I cast my ballot for:

President: Elizabeth Warren.  The only candidate, in my opinion, who can unite the majority of Democrats who identify as moderates with the smaller progressive wing (estimated at 25 – 30%).  New Hampshire barely had a higher turnout from a record primary in 2008 but not that much.  Yes, Bernie Sanders won — by 2% — and has thus far failed to deliver on his notion he attracts new groups of people to the party. Iowa’s turnout was the same as last year.  Looking ahead to Super Tuesday, Warren leads in two states, Joe Biden in three and Sanders in two.  But its the delegate count people should be looking at, not states won.  Warren gets my vote.  I don’t believe anyone in the top 7 will drop out before Super Tuesday.  There’s a long way to go.

Congress: Katie Porter (CA-45).  Porter has been a superstar in her first term.  She deserves re-election as do Lou Correa (CA-46), Harley Rouda (CA-48), Mike Levin, (CA-49) and Gil Cisneros in (CA-39). The wrong candidate at the top of the ticket puts our Blue Wave in a tough spot.

County Board of Supervisors (District 3): Ashleigh Aitken. She’s smarter than Don Wagner, has more empathy, and lives her life by the policies she holds.  Wagner is actually sending mail claiming to solve the homeless crisis in OC.  Seriousy.  He’s a fake Christian who goes to church to pray for Jesus and comes out a votes against policies that are anything but Christian.

There’s a District 1 race too.  I sent a check to Kim Nguyen. Vote for who you want to there except for Andrew Do who uses taxpayer dollars for mailers to promote himself in the district as has the second biggest slush fund for his GOP Central Committee candidacy

Assembly: (AD-68) I cast my ballot for Eugene Fields.  Eugene is a person of integrity who is being attacked by fans of other candidates for his work at CAIR (Council of American/Islamic Relations) –some of whom called him a terrorist.

For State Senate, I voted for Dave Min   Katrina Foley reached out to me shortly after declaring to say she was a candidate for this office because Min decleared.  She also aid she told “everyone” shed only serve as Costa mesa Mayor for one term and I strugle to find actual evidence of this as Labor spent lots of money to elect her Mayor.  As I don’t believe her, I’m voting for Min.  If she wants to produce actual evidence she was a one term Mayor, I’ll run it.  But I can’t find any.  Dave will be a good senator.

OC Board of Education:  I voted for Andy Thornburn.  A rich guy spending a lot of his own money makes him the Mike Bloomberg of OC.  Still better than the alternative.  I’m still shaking my head that Jordan Brandman didn’t get the party’s endorsement in District 4.

For Central Committee in AD-68, I voted for friends.  The party has issues to deal with.  We have some in leadership positions locally who, in my opinion, never got out of high school.  Rules are not applied evenly to everyone.  There are many candidates for Central Committee who feel they are going to impact change with our local party.  Good for you.  I’m delighted my AD has a lot of candidates running.  I wish my friends good luck on election night.


  1. Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | February 14, 2020

    I also cast a vote for Dave Min for State Senate. I ldo like Katrina Foley but you don’t declare for a new office minutes after being elected to one labor spent tons of money on. She tells me she never promised to serve more than one term and I cannot find a single published reference to that. Min has my vote.

  2. Phil Phil February 19, 2020

    I like Warren because she knows how to get things done. She got the CFPB set up and she wasn’t even an elected official.

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