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Candidates Faces the Q4 Fundraising Blues


Hey.  Hey you.  Yes, you.  Did you have a nice Holiday week?  Looking forward to New Year’s eve and the last day of the decade?  And have you checked your email or are you off until next week?

Please do check that inbox and let me know how many emails you got from candidates running for office. I got about 25.

The message is all pretty much the same.  “We’re close to our quarterly fundraising goal but we’re short.” “Can you send money?”  “Any donation will do.”  “I’m running for NAME OF OFFICE GOES HERE and I need your money to get my message out or I need money to beat this terrible candidate who’s already in office.” Not every candidate in OC is independently wealthy.

It’s nearly the last day of the fourth quarter.  Sales pros at businesses are trying everything they can to close deals before the end of the year, dealing with “OOTO” messages or no response whatsoever.  Candidates for office are in the exact same boat. But it’s harder with purity tests Democrats place before candidates.  no PAC money.  No corporate donations.  No IEs.  It takes money to win elections and giving money to any candidate doesn’t guarantee you access to that person.

For OC’s Democrats, its particularly tough to get even a small check at this time of the year, with January credit card bills looming from the Holiday for most of us.  Those who can give, will …and to the candidates of their choice.  With a massive presidential primary coming up, local candidates might have a harder time raising what they need going into the March primary.

Four candidates, be patient.  Once those Visa and American Express bills get paid off in January, February looks promising for the Sprint to March.

The Q4 Hockey stick is upon us.  Good luck everyone.