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Happy Impeachment Eve

Baby Trump takes flight in OC

Tonight, all across this nation, there are rallies with thousands of people supporting the impeachment of President Donald J. Trump.  Need to know where to go?  Seek out Twitter and add your city/county and the appropriate search terms and you’ll know where to go.

From Twitter, this, from multiple sources:

Twas the eve of impeachment
And all through the House
All Republicans turned
Their backs on all they espouse
With Gym on his high horse,
Nunes  spouting shit
Meadows was yelling
We need to acquit
But I heard Schiff exclaim
With a wonderful speech
It’s time to Impeach

Remember those OC politicos who back Trump: Don Wagner, Steven Choi, Christina Shea, Michelle Steele — all of them running for office in 2020.  Kick them out.


  1. Bob m. Bob m. December 24, 2019

    While thousands support impeachment, millions oppose it. Too bad Dems, the numbers are not in your favor. Further, Pelosi has made a fool of herself and Adam Schiff has egg all over his face. Most of the nation understands now what the Democratic party stands for and its not service to the country.

  2. Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski December 26, 2019

    No, millions took to the streets all over the nation to call for impeachment and removal. You have to settle for Trump going to Michigan and claiming 40,000 people were inside an arena that has a capacity of 6,600. The only place the numbers are not in our favor is in the US Senate. Good luck to you in November.

  3. Bob m Bob m January 11, 2020

    Thanks for the good luck comment. I think Trump will do just fine in November as long as the Dems don’t meddle in the election as we saw in 2016 with the Dem collusion with foreign operatives to attempting a soft coup to bring down Trump.

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