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Spitzer issues statement on Clark Investigation

Todd Spitzer speaks at a county Board of Supervisors meeting. (Photo by: Nick Gerda/Voice of OC)

Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer has issued the following statement in regards to our post yesterday on our calls to have the OCDA re-open an investigation to the Road Rage death of Laguna Niguel teacher Scott Clark in 2017.

Here’s his statement:

The Orange County District Attorney’s Office is unequivocally committed to the pursuit of justice. The death of Scott Clark is a tragedy, and my office is continuing to pursue justice in this case, as we do in every case. 

Shortly after taking office, the case was presented to myself and Chief Assistant District Attorney Shawn Nelson for review. After careful consideration of the facts, I determined that it was in the best interest of this case to retain an additional expert. That expert has finished reviewing the case in its entirety, including reports produced by a previous expert retained in this case. This review was done thoroughly, but with the keen understanding that the statute of limitations expires in January 2020. 

My office has been in regular contact with the attorney representing the Clark family, including arranging a recent meeting with the Chief Assistant District Attorney, in order to keep them apprised on the status of the case. 

Now that comprehensive review is completed, the prosecution team will present the case to myself and the Chief Assistant District Attorney next week to determine whether the expert’s opinion of the evidence can support taking this case to a jury and meeting our legal burden of proof.

Clark’s friends did wind up marching down a few blocks from the courthouse to the DA’s office, so between the protestors and our post, this story is on the DA’s front burner.

I’ll add that when this case is presented and Spitzer reaches a decision, he will need to explain this decision regardless of which direction he decides to go.

Justice for Scott Clark Protest


  1. Rhonda Buckner Rhonda Buckner December 12, 2019

    Thank you for reporting on this! The Clark family and community deserve justice and answers!

  2. Seabaugh Seabaugh December 12, 2019

    Justice for Scott! Asking for justice and truth to prevail… not lies and corruption!!

  3. Kim Posner Kim Posner December 12, 2019

    Yes….Thank you for taking the time to report on this! Hopefully justice will prevail!

  4. Bee Martini Bee Martini December 12, 2019

    Yes, thank you for reporting on this. I look forward to hearing their decision and can only hope and pray it’s a just and fair one.

  5. Concerned Citizen of Laguna Niguel Concerned Citizen of Laguna Niguel December 12, 2019

    Thank you so much for reporting on this important story! An innocent man, beloved by his community, is dead and the person presumably responsible is still out drinking and actively trying to get back on the road. The people of Laguna Niguel demand justice for Scott Clark!

    This whole story stinks of a cover up, and with all the corruption in the OCSD the DA needs to make this top priority!

  6. Bill Bill December 12, 2019

    No Justice, NO Spitzer re-elected!

  7. C. Jorgee C. Jorgee December 12, 2019

    Thanks so much for reporting on this matter. Scott Clark was an amazing teacher and member of the Laguna Niguel community. His death should not be in vain.

  8. MWD MWD December 12, 2019

    This is a travesty of justice, road rage jelled
    My sons favorite teacher

  9. Barb Lanni Barb Lanni December 12, 2019

    That was such a polished attorney response! I would like to know why Jamie Mulford not in jail for so many DUIs??! And no responsible for the murder of yet another person????

  10. Michelle Michelle December 12, 2019

    Lying again!! Just as the butter knife was a “steak knife” the recent meeting he arranged… Todd Spitzer did not! Mrs Clark and her attorney were scolded for showing up at Spitzers office! He ignored them and refused to return any type of communication with them!!
    Regular contact with her attorney…. what a joke!

  11. Rick Welsh Rick Welsh December 12, 2019


    Are you kidding me!!!

    “ My office has been in regular contact with the attorney representing the Clark family, including arranging a recent meeting with the Chief Assistant District Attorney, in order to keep them apprised on the status of the case.”

    I have every email and text. Remember me, I’m “the attorney representing the Clark family.” The OCDA did NOT arrange a meeting with Mr. Nelson, your Chief Assistant. In fact, Christy and I tried for months to arrange a meeting and were effectively ignored.

    Finally, on Monday last week I notified you, Mr. Nelson, Mr. Baytieh, and Ms. Gyves that Christy and I would be at the OCDA’s office on Friday. We received no substantive response. I notified you again on Thursday that we would be at your office after lunch on Friday. We arrived and then we waited. Mr. Nelson ultimately came and spoke with us. However, ironically he lectured me because we hadn’t scheduled a meeting; as if we hadn’t been trying.

    The “regular contact” you refer to, was virtually always initiated by me. And for months it was fruitless. We were told to hurry up and wait. Sadly, we received an update, not from the OCDA but from a public records search. What we learned was deeply disturbing! Thus, our need and desire to meet with your office.

    Did the OCDA keep us apprised on the status of the case? We had blindly believed so, until we discovered that was not true. Why imply that you were keeping us informed? That did not happen and my client and I strongly disagree with your assertion. I hope you read the letter I wrote last month. My concern about betrayal is why we desperately sought to arrange a meeting.

    Mr. Nelson could not answer our questions, but promised we will meet with you soon. It is important. We have many questions and concerns and appreciate the opportunity to finally address them with you.

    I believe you care about victims, but Christy and I have not been treated well. I hope our case is an aberration. At the moment, we look forward to an open and honest meeting.

    Rick Welsh

    • Noelle Darden Noelle Darden December 13, 2019

      Dear Rick,

      Wow. Your words and your calling to this case is most certainly divinely touched. Thank you for standing firm in your incredible assertiveness and resolve.

  12. Christy Clark Christy Clark December 12, 2019

    To be clear, the “arranged meeting” was NOT arranged. As a matter of fact, our e-mails and texts messages requesting said meeting went ignored. My attorney and I went to their office last Friday and we were scolded by Shawn Nelson for coming without an appointment. To be fair, he did spend an hour with us to tell us there was nothing to say, except more of the same…they were waiting for experts. Sorry, Mr. Spitzer, for the transparency.

  13. LN resident LN resident December 12, 2019

    Do your job Todd Spitzer. Not because this is getting attention and you are getting worried about the backlash but because WE DESERVE THE TRUTH! WE DESERVE ANSWERS! WE DESERVE SAFER STREETS! You aren’t giving us any of that. Why do you think Jamie Mulford has 4 DUI arrests? Because she can. Because YOU are letting her off:. She will strike again. Her car is her weapon. You are NOT doing your job.

  14. Mike Corral Mike Corral December 13, 2019

    Someone needs to be held accountable for Scott’s death and provide for his family.

    This should have happened already. Keep fighting, don’t allow politicians and OCSD to walk away from this.

  15. Linnette Garber Linnette Garber December 13, 2019

    Outrageous. I lived a few blocks from the intersection where Scott was killed. Usually traffic was very compliant with pedestrian safety, I walked to the grocery store many many times without fear. This Jamie, a drunk driver , is an abberation that needs no expert witness. That da must go..

  16. Alan Klaus Alan Klaus December 13, 2019

    Spitzer is just another lying politician. Keep up the good work. I am sending positive thoughts your way!

  17. Rhonda Russell Rhonda Russell December 13, 2019

    Let’s continue to keep the light shining on this case and on the automated and obviously untrue responses by our elected official.
    Todd Spitzer, this is not going to go away.

  18. Daisy Clark Daisy Clark December 13, 2019

    Thank you Dan for bringing attention to this story. Scott is my brother. For three years Christy has been dealing with this BS. No accountability from any agency or officials . The OCSD is corrupt, the DA is silent until we put pressure on them. This is unacceptable! We will not give up or go away.

  19. Bob Peterson Bob Peterson December 13, 2019

    We want to know is this is one of the cases that deputy Matranga dropped the ball on. Why has ms Clark every received a copy of the Traffic Collision report???

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