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Mimi runs away in Tustin

Mimi Walters films a campaign spot in Old Town Tustin July, 2018

I start my week with a long walk with my 15-year old dog, Cinnamon, who loves to come to work with me.  We put in about 1.3 miles before 8AM and she has two, shorter walks in the morning before her 108.5 in dog years body wants her beauty rest,  On the walks, she stays a few steps behind me.  She has a bed in my office. And all sorts of toys and treats.

Why am I mentioning this?  The pooch and I were out for our walk in Old Town Tustin Tuesday morning when at the corner of Main Street and El Camino Real, I spied a film crew shooting a campaign spot with Congresswoman Mimi Walters.  I hung up my call and turned video on my phone.  The Congresswoman was filming a spot about why Veterans should have a cemetery in Orange County (great, we agree on that; perhaps she can pony up some federal dollars to clean up the ARDA site near the Great Park and help expedite the process a bit).  And she kept screwing up her lines.  As I videoed her, my thought was Katie Porter, Dave Min and Brian Forde could just look at the camera and roll off reasons why we need this facility in OC — unscripted.

During a break in filming, I introduced myself and asked her questions.  Protesters have been gathering at her office for months.  The “town halls” Walters holds are private affairs held with conservative friendly organizations like the OCBC and various chambers of commerce.  Her crew descended upon me to stop me from filming.  So I stepped it up and asked about women in cages and children in cages.  Walters gathered a bag and walked away without addressing any of my questions while her crew berated me for my behavior.  The crew, citing a permit to film without ever showing it, threatened to call the police.  I urged them too (I’m a contributing supporter for the Tustin Police Association, so I would have loved the Tustin police show up).  We were on a public street after all.

Our Congresswoman in CD-45 is a coward.  She is incapable of interacting with someone who doesn’t see eye to eye with her. Rather than engage me and explain why she won’t hold a town hall or won’t do anything about family separations at the border, she ran.  She got into a nice white Mercedes and was driven away by an aide.  Quite frankly, I think she’s scared to death of Katie Porter.

I headed back to my office and used sheet of poster board to hastily write a two-sided sign; “Debate Katie” and “Children in Cages!!!” I held these up across the street so she could see them.  I even encouraged the kid videoing me to come closer for a better shot.  They made the appearance of leaving, when a client called and I went back to the office to take care of business and manage a conference call.  An hour later, there they were; Mimi had changed her outfit and she was shaking hands with millennial “actors” of different ethnicities.

a new outfit for Mimi

I think about the business community in Old Town Tustin — one where people work hard to make ends meet, create modest jobs and won’t really benefit from the GOP tax plan she keeps promoting — and how this-millionaire Congresswoman was using this backdrop to make campaign videos when she has not a clue how hard these small businesses work to prosper.

It sure would have been great for her to come over and tell me what she plans to do about Trump’s family separation policies; instead, she ran away.  I only got agitated when her film crew tried to block my recording.   And I had to get my dog to her breakfast and water.


  1. Rg Rg July 5, 2018

    She changed her bet is that she is going to use both of these shoots to represent two different photo ops on two separate days. If you have pictures of both outfits we can call her on it.

  2. George P George P July 5, 2018

    Glad she changed outfit. The first one made her look like Mrs. Claus!!

  3. Melissa Levine Melissa Levine July 5, 2018

    Thank you, Dan, so much for speaking up on behalf of all of us, her constituents. That’s amazing how she refuses to talk with actual residents of our district. I totally approve your message.

  4. David Vasquez David Vasquez July 6, 2018

    I wrote this in honor of Butterfly-Boi Dick Toro:

    Dan, Interesting exchange. I am tempted to congratulate you, on your FIRM stance as a Democrat, but am at once reminded who a REAL Democrat is:
    A REAL Democrat is a man who ravages his body and mind with alcohol to the point where at age 50 he is living in his Mom’s spare bedroom in Huntington Beach, jobless, wretched and following his older brother down the booze ridden path to death. But, then his Mom, kicked him out, and with no where to go, no money, no job, he leeches on to a sad soul of a human, he read about in the “throw-away’ s” AKA Alternative Weekly’s. This lady, a disaster on two feet, raised a Gang Banging Meth-Head son who ended up as planned, gunned down in a DRUG-RAGED STOLEN CAR CHASE. That was easy pickings for the Dem-Of-The Year.
    Once, this REAL Democrat, conned his way into this woman’s life, home and neighborhood, he went right back to old tricks (The Bottle) and in an attempt to kill as many tourists as possible, got himself so F$%ked up that he knew not, where he was, how he got there or that he needed to charge his phone, to call his wife who was waiting at their grandson’s Birthday party (The son of the Gang-Banging METH DEALER). Yeah, the guy REALLY DOEAS CARE ABOUT OTHERS, just not his own………..Well after the Fifth DUI conviction The REAL Democrat, moved into the Salvation Army, where after a short stint, he became a reformed whore. He now sings songs, that come to him in dreams from Walt Disney, He has to my experience begun to bathe, but, he holds his political disposition to the council meetings and faux blog-site. You really should have sung a song Dan, that’s how you affect change.
    As I was about to publish this comment, I realized, I was being UNFAIR to others who believe they are the only REAL Democrats, you know, the kind that preys upon others wealth, that has no discernable income, who with advanced degree’s practices law from his kitchen table. You know the guy, 345 lbs., dry, with the plaid shirt, he has lost a dozen or so lawsuits, he is the same guy who compared the ANAL RAPE of a fifteen-year-old to “Sexting”, who associated the most prolific OC Political Sex Offender (NO I don’t mean Ryan Ruleas) with baking cookies. Yep, a puppet show here, defense of a child molester there and support for the most RIGHT WING REPUBLICAN RACIST/HOMOPHOBE and there you have a decent Democrat.
    I won’t go on with the Meth-selling, pot head felon, who is still waving around his picture with Paul Wellstone and Ted Kennedy (NEWSFLASH: PAUL AKA HENRY LIPTON: They are DEAD). Nor will I comment on the origins of the new breed of “Juice” Democrat’s, seemingly unemployed, on probation and as real as John Horner III. Hey Speaking of which…….Never mind.

    • Magnus M Magnus M July 8, 2018

      Seriously, a life, son. Get one.

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