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Lies, Damn Lies and Vern Nelson

OJ Blogger Vern Nelson

Orange Juice Blog Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Vern Nelson has it out for Anaheim’s Lorri Galloway since she accused him of sexual assault months back.

Vern continues to undermine Galloway’s credibility when he’s really the one with the problem.  Nelson left a comment on this post at the OJBlog; he writes:

Vern Nelson

Cunningham’s latest post blares the deceptive title “Galloway raises $117,000 for campaign” – that sounds like a lot, a sure sign of popularity!

But read on and it’s actually only 17K she raised – the rest is a 100K loan she made to herself.

It’s always been curious how gently uncritical the supposedly conservative Klepto-Scribe has been of her – one of myriad grounds for suspicion.

But beyond that, how the hell does she lend her campaign $100,000 while her Eli Home employees are taking turns going without paychecks?

Crazy stuff…”

This prompted a message from three employees of The Eli Home to this blog.

We have all been proud employees of the Eli Home for over 5-7 years. We have always been paid our salaries and The Eli Home does not owe us any money.  All other employees will gladly verify the same thing.  We will share our pay stubs to honest inquirers.

Jose Vargas, Director of Development

Yolanda Bermudez, Executive Assistant

Keta Rubalcava, Store Cashier

Nelson’s credibility for telling the truth is shakey at best.  On Valentine’s day, Nelson has a court date at 8AM to turn over any firearms he owns stemming from his April 2016 arrest for his fifth DUI which is classified as a Felony. For a guy with no clear means of stead gainful employment, if he owns guns I’m not sure how he could afford them and do you want someone with his drinking problem possessing a firearm in a home where small kids are present?

A blog comment yesterday here suggested Nelson was sentenced to three years in jail.  That’s true, as it turns out.

Nelson was sentenced on January 16, 2018, and the sentence was stayed and he’s on three years probation and must enter an 18 month program for chronic alcohol abusers.  Additionally, he needs to spend 10 days in jail and another 4 days in jail in lieu of a fine (which was unspecified).  It’s not clear if Nelson can serve his jail sentence concurrently.  And it’s also not clear if he’s served it yet or when he will.

Here’s the paperwork:

Nelson owes the employees of Eli Home an apology for his false statement.  He owes Galloway an apology for much more.

And when it comes to credibility, I’ll take Lorri Galloway’s lifetime of public service as an elected official and the executive director of a battered women’s shelter over a 5 time convicted drunk driver who was called “lecherous” to women by his own managing editor.



  1. Fred Fred February 14, 2018

    Vern won’t even admit he clocked his wife in the face and gave her that black eye! Discount ANYTHING and EVERYTHING he denies because he was obviously too drunk at the time to recall anything. He wants to act now as if all is ok because he is “blogging’ as if that erases a lifetime of waste, addiction and sexual assaults. He has never held a real job and his public piano days are OVER because of his felony arrests. His entire life is a blog. Sad.

  2. jose s. jose s. February 14, 2018

    hey cheminowski does anybody even read this blog?

    • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski February 19, 2018

      You do

  3. Fred Fred February 20, 2018

    I heard Vern Nelson told someone at the council meeting in Anaheim the other night he has seen the video of Valladares raping his wife after he drugged her and “It’s no big deal. It’s between the two of them.” He is either drinking again or has permanent brain damage. Lock him up, please. Greg we heard you also said the video was a “yawner.” What does that mean please?

    • Fred Fred February 20, 2018

      It only gets better (or worse). Now Victor’s girlfriend Katheryn Clark is supposedly trying to blackmail Victor’s ex-wife by selling the “rape tape” back to her. These people are soulless. Vern and Greg support this action I am guessing. they should ALL be locked up.

  4. Sean Paulsea Sean Paulsea February 20, 2018

    I believe Victor Valladares owes the party an explanation. These are serious charges. While the chairwoman has publicly said Victor deserves another chance. I am not sure it’s up to her to decide.

    I KNOW the GOP plans to use this in 5he congressional primaries.

    • Fred Fred February 21, 2018

      I have heard the same. Victor is the GOP’s secret weapon, thanks to enablers like Vern, Greg, Gina Clayton-Tarvin and his sleazy girlfriend Katheryn Clark (who dumped her husband and two kids for a drunken wifebeater).

  5. Fred Fred February 23, 2018

    To any other Democrats in Orange County that did not get the letter last night about Vern’s butt boy Victor Valladares, here is the text. You raised him well Mr. Nelson!


    Imagine this:

    A man slips a date rape drug into your beer, rendering you completely unconscious. Once he is sure you are knocked out, he begins to rape you. Then he sodomizes you. Finally he ejaculates in your anus. The next morning you awake, groggy, confused, sore and dirty. You struggle to remember. However, you are quickly reminded: your assailant filmed the assault and is now showing it to you in an attempt to intimidate, control and humiliate you further.

    Sound like a scene out of a Bill Cosby night? NOPE. Do you think the man who did this is in jail? NOPE.


    Introducing: Victor Valladares.

    These allegations along with others are detailed here:

    Valladares has a checkered past, which includes multiple DUI’s, Narcotics possession, vandalism and resisting arrest. He is also several YEARS behind on child support payments for his two children who he DOES NOT HAVE CUSTODY (thank goodness). His Ex-wife is on record reporting domestic abuse on at least FIVE occasions.

    It was this past we assumed OC DEM chairwomen Fran Sdrao was referring too at the #METOO conference when she spoke of giving Victor a “Second Chance”. NOT DRUGGING AND RAPING!

    Victor loves social media, he has posted dozens of photos with democratic candidates like Gavin Newsom, Kamala Harris, Col. Doug Applegate, Harley Rhouda and Farrah Khan. These candidates will regret that. I know K-N-O-W that GOP operatives have these photos, have the police reports, arrest records and other damning evidence regarding Valladares. On Central Valley Congressional candidate has assigned a staffer to “shadow” Victor at the convention and get pictures of him with candidates. NO BULLSHIT. This is happening NOW.

    I have asked the directors on two previous occasions to consider having Victor back down for now while this is investigated, instead, Chairwomen Sdrao in what can only be described as “POOR JUDGEMENT” attended a meeting of Victor’s organization, Chicano/Latino Immigrant Club of OC. BAD CHOICE.

    Leaving alone for a moment the fact that an unemployed, undereducated convicted criminal, deadbeat dad and alleged rapist is the best that OC DEM’s can do (Is there NO KID at Santa Ana College, CSUF). I implore you to KEEP VALLADARES AT ARMS LENGTH until these allegations can be investigated. On the heals of Julio Perez and Erik Taylor, the party can not explain this away. YOU MUST ACT.

    If you don’t take action, you should change your hashtag from #METOO to the more fitting #NOTME Meaning you are unwilling and unable to stand up for women like Briana because the political persuasion and or race of the accused.


    Henry Paul Lipton

    PS – Before you buy in to the narrative that this is an attempt by “Alt-Right” agitators to besmirch and attack an opponent, ask your self this: If remotely true, does it matter how this came about? Research the facts, if Victor is innocent so be it. I don’t think ANYONE wants this baggage. HIRE A LAWYER – UNRELATED TO THE PARTY TO INVESTIGATE. A TRULY INDEPENDENT EVALUATION.

  6. Dem4Evr Dem4Evr February 26, 2018

    And true to form, Vern spent today’s OC Blog bashing police unions for standing up to heavy-handed chiefs in HB and SA. Combined with his anti-labor union stance in Anaheim’s resort district, and his idolatry of Tom “pension reform” Tait, one wonders if he’s ever met a collective bargaining agreement he’s actually liked. But he’s a “progressive”, just like Brutus was an “honorable man.”.

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