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Galloway #MeToo: Nelson Denies and Cries “Lies”; Galloway Responds

OrangeJuiceBlog editor and publisher Vern Nelson, on a break from rehab for alcohol abuse, has finally responded to charges by Anaheim mayoral candidate Lorri Galloway that Nelson sexually assaulted her years ago while she gave him a ride home after he missed the bus after an Anaheim City Council meeting.  Nelson posted the comment below on the OJ Blog last night:

OJ Blogger Vern Nelson

Vern Nelson

Wow. Just saw this. I can’t WAIT to write a full response to this. I’ll try to have it out by tomorrow or the next day. (Watch for “The Truth About Lorri Galloway and her Ridiculous Story.”)

To cut to the chase, NOTHING like what she describes ever happened; it is pure fiction. I’ll have a lot more details when I have time, but for one thing Lorri and I stayed friends for years after this supposedly happened, and she continued to give me rides for at least another year after this supposedly happened – just scary Vern and Lorri in the car. For example, to the DA’s “Victims March” a year later; and to the Perez’ home to help them resist an illegal foreclosure.

There are several other reasons that this couldn’t be true, which I’ll share tomorrow. Anyway it’s obviously Lorri’s idea of revenge for me writing the following unflattering paragraph about her current Mayoral race:

“Sensing some of Ashleigh’s weaknesses, out comes our old friend Lorri “LoGal” Galloway, one more time. I get very sad when I write about Lorri, who was one of my first friends in this town (when she first talked to me she scolded me “The Orange Juice is not a good OC blog because you hardly write anything about Anaheim; let me tell you about all that’s happening here” – can you imagine that? – and the rest is history.) She also did a lot of good things for my wife Donna when she needed help, and I won’t let people forget that she was a very good Councilwoman for eight years. But in 2015-16 she set a world record for burning bridges. And reading about her campaign announcement rally on the Klepto-blog, she sounds like she’s trying to position herself to the RIGHT of Ashleigh. Ashleigh Lite, a LITTLE bit less scary to the resort district and police than Ashleigh is, as though that was scary.”

I bolded that last bit because she’s continuing to build on her world record of burning bridges: First Tom Tait, then Joanne Sosa, now me (and much much more.)

We’ll note, this is exactly what Galloway said she feared he would do.  But there are some problems with Nelson’s denial.  He’s in rehab after his fifth DUI arrest at happened in Anaheim in April 2016.  His managing editor Greg Diamond, who praises the progress Nelson is making in rehab, has alluded to Nelson’s pending sentencing (Nelson apparently has pleaded guilty to misdemeanor DUI before the charge was elevated to felony status whereas he changed his plea to “not guilty.”  Diamond has also made references to Nelson’s previous “lecherous” behavior toward women.  So while Nelson lacks money or power, he’s been outed by his own co-blogger as someone who is aggressive with members of the opposite sex.

Diamond’s defense of Nelson’s piano-playing ability as having “chick magnet” qualities is already drawing condemnation from women in Orange County and from men who don’t drag their knuckles on the ground when they walk.  Nelson might be the OC-equivalent of Harvey Weinstein.  So if you’re a woman in OC that has been sexually harassed or assaulted by Vern Nelson, please drop a dime in the comments to this post.

Galloway was alerted to Nelson’s denial and responded on Facebook this morning:

Lorri Galloway
Lorri Galloway
Anyone who knows Galloway knows she and her husband are devoted to each other.  The idea that Lorri might be interested in any sort of extramarital fling with anyone — and especially one with Nelson — just doesn’t compute.  The notion that women throw themselves at Nelson or are receptive to romantic overturns from Nelson for his piano playing ability frankly make me throw up in my mouth just a little.
Between Diamond’s revelations of lecherous behavior, Nelson’s known drinking issues, alleged racist language, perhaps what Nelson should have said was:
“I may have been intoxicated and interpreted kindness from Lorri Galloway as something more and I behaved inappropriately towards her.  When she reacted negatively, I should have stopped and I apologize for my behavior towards her then and ask for her forgiveness today.”
So here’s how it stands.  Vern Nelson, convicted of DUI four times and arrested for felony DUI in April 2016.  His co-blogger admits lecherous behavior on his part.  Divorced and re-married; agnostic.
Lorri Galloway, former Anaheim city council member, runs a nationally charity for battered women and children, happily married for years to the same man.  Christian and a grandmother.
Lorri Galloway’s #MeToo social media post
Who are you going to believe?


  1. Chuck Johnson Chuck Johnson October 25, 2017

    And Vern, no blogging from State Prison Bitch. Whens that sentencing hearing again? You will never be anything but an angry dry drunk missin his fix and pinin for the good old days when you could get hammered, grab some pussy and go for a run to the liquor store.

    Dont bother with Rehab. Its a waste of the money you borrowed from whatever poor schmuck decided to help you out.

    As far as ever playing your lame ass gigs at a Huntington Beach City facility ever again….never. I’ll see to that personally.

    Remember the cute little clown car graphic on the OJ blog? Whos laugjin now bitch?

  2. Fred Smith Fred Smith October 25, 2017

    I believe her. It’s all about reputations and look at Vern, he is a guttersnipe- even his “friends” know it. . #GUILTY

  3. OCDEM OCDEM October 25, 2017

    I want be Vern Nelson for Holloween. Should I be a DRUNK or a RAPIST.

    Second choice is Greg: Plaid Short Sleeve Shirt from goodwill, dirty Lee Jeans, Knock off Birkenstocks. How do I replicate the toe fungus and food waste in the beard.

    Now I have nasaly, weasel voice down, I just don’t think I can act like such a condesending A$$HOLE, or pretend to care with my hypocrite friends (well I guess the real Greg would just throw them under the bus). Plus how do you replicate FOUR FRIVILOUS LAWSUITS THAT YOU LOST?

    • Anti-batterer Anti-batterer October 25, 2017

      Hey Vern, how did Donna get that black eye in 2014? I think you hit her. Did you?

  4. David Vasquez David Vasquez October 25, 2017

    Hey, everybody, let’s be conscience of the tragedy unfolding, there is a minor brush fire 11 miles from where Greg rents, certainly his FB feed will feature messages about he is OK and escaped the “Danger”.

    Luckily, he won’t his miss his photo shoot with Webster’s, their new online dictionary

    Luckily, he won’t his miss his photo shoot with Webster’s, their new online dictionary the word narcissist will feature Diamond’s picture! – Come on, even Jeff LeTourneu thinks that’s funny!

    • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | October 25, 2017

      Greg’s wife pays the rent. He makes almost no money

  5. Daniel Lamb Daniel Lamb October 25, 2017

    As I have personal experience with OJ Blog and company, I can say without hesitation that they constitute a predatory confederation. But if I may say something solely in the interest of wider justice, it is wrong to condemn a person with collateral information. Ultimately, that sort of talk helps the accused wrong doer and hurts the victim. Call me a purist, but let’s stick to the facts.

    • Daniel Lamb Daniel Lamb October 25, 2017

      Also, I visited OJ Blog for the first time in a while yesterday and, after clicking a link to THE story, my computer was very messed up until I updated a number things. Obviously, this could well be circumstantial, but in context I think it is important to mention just in case others have had a similar experience. Is it even possible to infect a link that targets a specific IP address? I really don’t know.

      • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | October 25, 2017

        It’s not. I got a ransomware warning when I checked this morning too. But I have all sorts of good security software

        • Daniel Lamb Daniel Lamb October 27, 2017

          Thanks for clearing that up Dan. I thought it was possible to tailor an online platform to users, but perhaps I’m using the wrong language.

          A part of me hopes that Lorri takes Vern to court. Obviously, Vern was acting in his capacity as an editor, publisher or whatever of OJ Blog when the alleged conduct occurred. As such, we need to know how decisions are made at the organization. I know that you said Vern, or his wife Donna, technically own OJ Blog, but based on my intimate experience with the organization, I seriously suspect the situation is more complex. If the organization is indeed predatory, we need to ensure that the right people are held accountable and not just the designated lowly interlocutors.

  6. Ludwig Ludwig October 26, 2017

    Look at that photo of Vern. What a hunk. Women are throwing themselves at him. Tickle those ivories Vern. Your liver called. It’s begging for help. #prisonawaits. #oj-is-the-new-black, #drunkskunk

  7. yabbut yabbut October 26, 2017

    So, uh, it’s “bad” when one of the targets of your clique gets in trouble and has allegations made against him. That means he “cries” about “lies.” But when Lenore Albert-Sheridan, one of your clique, has allegations made by the State Bar Association, that is ignored conveniently by your “blog.” Does it even exist aside from being a slam vehicle to go after those you deem target-worthy?

    • David Vasquez David Vasquez October 26, 2017

      Wait. Isn’t that kinda like sayin’ Julio Perez, gives VIOLENT Bondage and S&M Videos to a teenager and says “I AM YOUR MASTER”, or Erik Taylor sends a text massage with Jesus Christ Sodomizing Miley Cirus, Or a girl “DEEP – THROATING a Mag-Lite, or wait how about a guy who gets FIVE DUI’s over 20 Years……….

      And you say: This is a “Hit”.

      You are CRAZY GREG. You are delusional. No matter what name you post under or who you call, Private Message or EMAIL.

      It is not lost on ANYONE, that NOBODY is coming to your defense, speaking out like you. Can’t wait to watch your final self-destructive move. The fifty-six year old Adam Lansa.

    • Lenore Lenore October 27, 2017

      Someday, someone may just have explain their personal interest in me.

  8. Anon Anon October 26, 2017

    Nelson published his response to Galloway tonight. Too bad he was almost always drunk for every interaction. Greg about to make a bunch of accusations with no factual basis

  9. junior junior October 27, 2017

    Sitting on a park bench
    Eying little girls with bad intent
    Snots running down his nose
    Greasy fingers smearing shabby clothes, hey, Aqualung

    Drying in the cold sun
    Watching as the frilly panties run, hey, Aqualung
    Feeling like a dead duck
    Spitting out pieces of his broken luck, oh, Aqualung

  10. Fred Smith Fred Smith October 28, 2017

    With the amount of mopping up Diamond does for his drunk pal Vern, it makes me wonder if he is at all involved in covering up other sexual assaults Vern may have committed. Look, he covered up the 5th felonious DUI. He makes excuses left and right for everything else, maybe it’s time the party put Diamond under oath to get to the bottom of any culpability he may have in all this. We’ve heard stories now of his wild temper and maniacal public tantrums. Who knows what other sinister kinds of tendencies may be lurking in that evil little mind of his? Greg, as you screensnap here, would you please answer, would you be willing to go under oath and answer questions about what you really know regarding Vern, preferably before he goes to jail?

    • Pee-Eww Pee-Eww October 30, 2017

      That’s a lot of blog whoring.

      How ’bout dem standards, LiberalOC? No blog pimping unless you’re targeting enemies of the editor?

      You guys need a shower. Hypocrisy stinks.

    • Fred Smith Fred Smith October 30, 2017

      Wow, like our own Hunter S Thompson! Bravo!

  11. Junior Junior October 30, 2017

    From the Circle Jerk Blog:
    Cynthia Ward
    Posted October 30, 2017 at 11:55 AM
    I am all for free speech. But the trolls who come over and hijack our discussions are not interesting in sharing viable ideas that better our society. I would fight to retain comments that shared ideas I detested so long as they were real ideas, but what we see here is spewing empty hate in an attempt to bog down the comments so readers won’t wade through the muck and mire to read thoughtful commentary. That we leave up comments related to farting into one’s hand and smelling it drags down the tone and credibility of this website, and I don’t want to engage anymore in a place that has become nothing but a pissing match between the hate at LibOC or Matt’s fever swamp, repeated here in order to expand the readership to those of us who deliberately avoid those sites and get stuck with the absolute worst of the process imported here, as if it has merit. And no, I do not believe ANY comment is of such value that we all need to see it repeated so we can admire the brilliant repartee of the writer, seriously, there are better things to do with the short days God has granted to us.

    I am outta here. Done. I was searching for a home where real ideas were exchanged and somehow this has devolved into ego-centric individuals slapping it on the proverbial table for comparison, which is actually how we got into the civic messes we were supposed to be writing about here. Why stick around?

    Thank you for the opportunity I was given here, but it is no longer the same.

  12. Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski November 1, 2017

    Sorry Ricardo, I won’t comment at the OJ blog where editors change text when they feel like it. My work on the blog has nothing to do with my work at the DPOC. I allow almost anyone to comment here and I allow a number of negative comments about myself. Abuse that Greg and Vern write Goes to moderation. My work for the DPOC is very different. I review messages for the party with a sense of urgency, detail and news value. The party does not tell me what to write and they do not have to accept my counsel. You on the other hand are not a member of the central committee. You don’t attend meetings. You won’t call me or comment here because you are a coward at heart. So put up or shut up pendejo. Be an adult and talk with me. You won’t because you’re too afraid. The party needs a new communications chair? I signed up for it. We’ve already made great strides reaching OC’s political media.

  13. David Vasquez David Vasquez November 1, 2017

    Last week, someone claiming to be “Ricardo Toro” came to my house in Anaheim and harassed my wife. I was not there. Had I been things might be different. But, I don’t let this stuff get to me.

    I will say again in response to “Crazy Greg” and now “DICK BULL”: I am not part of the Democratic Party apparatus. I am merely a citizen.

    In addition: I have NEVER been arrested, Never hit my spouse, NEVER abused my children, NEVER used Meth, Never had my kids taken away, My Brother in law does not rely on my to keep him out of prison, I don’t belong to a street gang, nor do my children or anyone I know, My wife does not consider GANG Members “our family”, My children have NEVER shot a gun, I treat women with dignity and respect and taught my children to do the same, I believe Law and Order is paramount to a democratic society, I believe that our schools (ESPECIALLY in Anaheim) are in HORRIBLE SHAPE, Unsafe and for that reason, I support school choice, I don’t believe the police are corrupt (anymore than any other occupation, I don’t think the Anaheim police “execute” people, I do think child molesters should be locked up and NEVER allowed near children, Idon’t belong to Facebook, because I think it’s a waste of time. I am not a “LACTO-VEGATARIAN”, Nor do I know what that means.

    I guess I am simply Normal. Whay is that so hard for Ricardo, Greg, Vern and Donna, Cynthia Ward and all the other clown car yahoo’s to understand.

    HINT: Normal people don’t wear masks and stand in the streets with signs saying: “FTP”, they don’t have weekly taco sales and they certainly don’t wear Knock-Off Birkenstocks with socks!

    DVAS – OUT

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