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Dunn fails to file a candidate’s statement

Senator Joe Dunn (ret.)
Senator Joe Dunn (ret.)

Former Senator Joe Dunn is the only candidate for Congress is CD-46 who has failed to file a candidate’s statement.  This is considered either a major mistake or a major omission by the campaign with one source telling TheLiberalOC that the campaign’s finance’s are a major reason why no campaign statement was filed.  The source told us the Dunn campaign is burning thought cash and couldn’t swing the fee.  I find that hard to believe, but absent a response from the Dunn campaign, we’ll note it.

We don’t have access to the latest Dunn financials, but a failure to deliver a candidate’s statement is a glaring omission.  We reached out to the Dunn campaign early Friday morning and they have not responded.

So why isn’t there a candidate’s statement?

Dunn’s public speeches reference his record and his votes often without clarifying for the audience that this record was nine years ago.  There are a host of new voters who have no idea what Enron even means let alone remember the energy crisis wrought on California the early part of last decade.  A candidate’s statement is an excellent way to communicate directly with voters.

When Dunn’s team gets back to us, we’ll publish their response as an update to the post.




  1. Felons For Dunn Felons For Dunn March 18, 2016

    I am growing tired of your veiled critisism of Joe Dunn. He was a great senator (when the cranberries were popular)!. Just because Joe is a millionare lobbyist/lawyer in the same neighborhood as Loretta and Miguel Pulido (my friend Greg says so) doesn’t point to malfesense.

    So Joe was a little shortt on the campaign dough, a few piano recitials, and Lipton moving “teenth’s of to the crowd and he’ll be right back in it!

    I heard Jerry Patterson choked on his ensure when he heard this, but hus staff opened a bottle of Grigio and (after locking the door to their Floral Park home), complained about all those people that made it hard to get to the “Art Walk”.

  2. Commenting Gnome Commenting Gnome March 18, 2016

    Joe Dunn has $2,000 lying around to get a ballot statement. Not a problem. Word is consulting staff screwed up and made Luis Aleman the “fall guy.” Campaign is in disarray, its common knowledge.

  3. Henry Lipton Hunter Henry Lipton Hunter March 18, 2016

    Wait. Are you saying the Carina-Franks dropped the ball here? Cause they are trendy Floral Park Liberal couple. I think he might even be…… it…………….an attorney!

    Seriously, I heard when they hosted the Oscar party and screened a bootleg of the “Big Short”, Vern, Donna,Greg and Henry “Paul Lucas” Lipton didn’t get it…….they asked:

    Whats a mortgage?

    • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | March 19, 2016

      Well, the campaign isn’t talking and I seriously doubt they’d admit a mistake was made.

  4. Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | March 18, 2016

    You’re the fourth person who’s told me that. Luis posted an “I’m done with politics” post on Facebook only to delete it and praise Joe Dunn hours later. If the kid was fired, he was rehired. Sent two texts to the campaign this morning asking about the missing candidate’s statement with no response.

    • Commenting Gnome Commenting Gnome March 19, 2016

      Radio silence all around. This has not been a good couple of weeks for Joe Dunn. He had one last chance to get out earlier this week, he should have taken it.

      • Dunn is Done Dunn is Done March 20, 2016

        The official response from the campaign is having Jeff LeTourneau find people posting pro Lou stuff and shaming them on his page. Do they think that wins them friends and wins hearts and minds? Good luck being on their good side again.

        • Jimmy Beal Jimmy Beal March 20, 2016

          Jeff is a predator.

          • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski March 20, 2016

            Only in the sense of if you don’t completely agree with him, he thinks you’re an idiot.

        • Pinky Pinky March 20, 2016

          Jeff has left Bao. On board with Joe. Poor Bao

  5. 10,000 Miles Up 10,000 Miles Up March 19, 2016

    Ask yourself when is the last time any of those folks have won a campaign? Absolute political malpractice. As I hear, everyone on Team Dunn is a nice person and Joe is a great guy. But if $ was not put aside for this essential part of the campaign (ballot statement) or if they assigned the job to some kid who dropped the ball, bad either way.

    Either way it shows a naivete, incompetence beyond belief. Do you want someone voting on war and peace, taxes, social security who can’t even run his own campaign properly? Joe Dunn will now have to spend $100,000 on mailers just to reintroduce himself to voters with bio pieces. Penny wise and pound foolish or just plain stupid.

  6. Pinky Pinky March 19, 2016

    Hey Joe stands with people. That matters

  7. Jeff Pescar Jeff Pescar March 19, 2016

    I spoke with people close to Dunn, who feigned ignorance. But all signs point to the kid messed up. Ironically, Lou Correa can relate, he lost a close election by placing Alex Flores in a position of responsibility, resulting in a DRAMATIC failure. Lesson learned.

    Others are lamenting that Dunn did well in the “alphabet” placement, #3 behind carpetbagging Ngyuen and Schott. And with no ballot statement he lost any advantage. Some wonder if he is even serious, perhaps angling for another job. He does not carry the reputation as very forthright or trustful.

    No matter. Whats done is Dunn.

    • Commenting Gnome Commenting Gnome March 19, 2016

      Actually ballot position moves based on Assembly district in the Congressional. He will only be 3rd in the 65th, 4th in the 68th and 5th in the 69th. Republican Bob Peterson will be first on the ballot in the 68th. Yeah, sucks to be Joe right now. Bao is first in the 65th, go Bao!

  8. […] posted that former state Senator Joe Dunn, a liberal Democrat from Santa Ana running for the 46th Congressional District, failed to file a candidate statement (which costs about $2,000). So, when the 228,716 registered voters of CD46 receive their sample ballot several weeks from now, Dunn will have nothing to say to them. […]

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