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Diamond gets the Bronze


It’s been a tough couple of months for OJ blogger Greg Diamond.  The Democratic Party of Orange County ousts him from his vice chair’s role by a margin of 70 percent.  County voters beat that margin with more than 73 percent of the county’s voters selecting Tony Rackauckas over Diamond in the June primary and with the margin of victory so huge, there won’t be a rematch in November.  Diamond’s multiple blog posts that are usually most praiseworthy of Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait (which is very likely one of the reason’s he’s a former leader of the DPOC) makes Diamond a regular speaker at Anaheim City Council meetings; but it’s Diamond’s recent Tait photoshoot that’s the subject of this story, courtesy of the MotherColony Yahoo Group.

TheLiberalOC was sent the below account of Diamond’s encounter with a solid brass historical market from last week’s Anaheim Library and Anaheim Historical Society celebration of adding two homes on the National Register of Historic Places.

anaheim national historic properties

From the post:

Thanks to the good folks at the Anaheim Library and the Anaheim Historical Society for a fun event on Saturday celebrating the Woelke-Stoeffel House and Mother Colony House being placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

As always there was plenty of entertainment, some planned, some not. On the planned side was the chance to get a tintype photo made. Well done to the person who arranged for that because it was very cool. Folks from a company called F/395 were on hand with old bellows cameras and were doing tintypes for people. For free! They even brought a variety of hats you could borrow for the picture. The one of Richard Crawford honestly looked like it was 100+ years old.

****On the unplanned side we all got to hear what a National Register plaque sounds like when it is knocked off an easel onto a cement sidewalk. How it happened added to the fun, as it appeared that this tool, a non-Anaheim resident who is part of a lawsuit against the city, a “political blogger” (that about sums it up),  and an all too frequent participant in the circus that has become the public hearing portion of our city council meetings, was so busy taking non-stop photos of the mayor that he bumped into the easel and sent the plaque crashing to the sidewalk. On the plus side it did propel “Anaheim…You Can’t Make This Shit Up” into the lead position in the never ending quest for an official slogan for the city of Anaheim.****

We’re told the city is inspecting the bronze plaque for damage.  A witness said Diamond was taking photos of Tait with his iPhone (buy a real camera Greg) and backed right into the easel holding the plaque with his backside.

Now I’m not sure if the plaque-bumping is a metaphor for something or not, but now that Diamond no longer holds his vice chair’s position with the DPOC, is he going to endorse Tait for mayor or will he back Democratic candidate Lorri Galloway?  Once he decides, I’m sure he’ll explain himself with a 5,000 word piece on the OJ blog about how he arrived at his decision.  Perhaps he can let the DPOC know at next weekend’s fundraiser at Angels Stadium when the Angels take on the Rangers.

Until then, we congratulate the city of Anaheim, the Anaheim Library and Anaheim Historical Society on placing two treasures on the National Register of Historic Places…no ifs, ands or butts about it.


  1. junior junior June 11, 2014

    What a goof ……

  2. Kindness Kills Kindness Kills June 13, 2014

    Greg is ill. Give the guy a break.

  3. Greg Diamond Greg Diamond June 23, 2014

    Really, Dan? You post this? Hard-hitting journalism, for you.

    No, your reader is (probably maliciously) incorrect about what happened.

    I was at the event to take photos of the entire thing (not just Tait.) I had gone to the back room to the carriage house. (I can’t recall whether I was looking for my wife, who loves the place, or my friend and former campaign manager, who appears in costume there.)

    Then, suddenly, the festivities were about to begun. The two easels had been set up to either side of the walkway, with the two presenters standing next to each other at the end of the walkway. They were almost entirely cutting off the path, but I thought that I could get around the one to the audience’s right without having to tromp through the planters, so that I could begin videorecording. I did make it past her on the way to join the crowd facing the ceremony — that is to say, I did not back into it, though that inaccuracy certainly makes for a better story — but slightly bumped the easel with most likely my left hip as I passed it. This was not enough to knock it over. However, unbeknownst to me, a big heavy plaque was balanced on it the lip at its bottom, which was, under cover, and so it clanged to the ground.

    I was not taking pictures of the Mayor at the time at all, let alone “non-stop.” I did take some of him, and others, later, as well as photos of the rest of the ceremony and a little video. So, that was statement from someone you refuse to name was — what’s the term? — a lie. (At least it is better than the last time the Colony crowd’s writings were in the news — when Lucille Kring said that she was glad that a young man was killed because it saved the city the cost of a trial.)

    Both of the women presenting were very nice and gracious about it after the event, as I would have expected from previous interactions. It is no surprise that the mean girls (and boys) at the Colony’s writing group weren’t, or that you would fall for yet another tasty lie from the people destroying Anaheim.

    Chris P. — I’m sure that your partner’s antics here have made you proud.

  4. Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski June 23, 2014

    The source of the post is attributed; shouldn’t be too tough to track the writer’s name. You can add that to your enemies list.

    Your “admiration” of one of the county’s most anti-union conservative mayors do not make our party proud. Don’t forget to update your OJ bio tonight when you are officially replaced as a senior Party official. It all could have been avoided if you could ever realize there is no “I” in “team.” It’s the Democratic Party — not the Diamond party.

    Additionally, your comment on goal kicks rewarding aggressiveness means your soccer analysis is about as astute as Gustavo writing about baseball. Shots on goal are a better benchmark, but the only thing that counts in football is goals….

  5. Greg Diamond Greg Diamond June 23, 2014

    I suppose that I could look it up. I suppose that each of your handful of readers could look it up. Or you could put it in the story and nobody has to look it up.

    As someone in league with Matt Cunningham and Kris Murray, you’re in no position to opine on “doing our party proud.” In fact, in most respects, I don’t think that it’s really your party at all.

    I’ll discuss the comparative value of shots on goal vs. corner kicks as tiebreakers — but only if you first demonstrate to me that you even know how a corner kick comes about, which I doubt.

    • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski June 26, 2014

      Or I could come up with thousands of different scenarios about what could happen instead of what did happen. The source is there for anyone to see; we have more than a few readers too.

      The basic fact: you were so busy taking crappy photos with your iPhone that your ass knocked a bronze historical market off its pedestal. Eyewitness account. That’s not in dispute. You could share all of the photos you took that day; bet more than 50% were of Tait.

      I’m laughing at the comment I am “in league” with Matt Cunningham and Kris Murray. I don’t think either of them want to see Lorri Galloway as the next Mayor of Anaheim, but be honest, neither do you. I want the most anti-labor and most conservative mayor Anaheim has ever had to be defeated in November. Which is more than I can say for you.

      “I’ll discuss the comparative value of shots on goal vs. corner kicks as tiebreakers — but only if you first demonstrate to me that you even know how a corner kick comes about, which I doubt.”

      Greg, I am a certified AYSO soccer referee for U-10 divisions (boys and girls). I have referred dozens of games over the past few years (at least two a day on Saturdays up until about two years ago when my daughter stopped playing — and as a policy, you don’t ref games your own child plays in). I’ve done lots of tournaments too. And because I live near a field, I sometimes get a call to do a game if the scheduled ref doesn’t show. I’d be happy to discuss nuances of rules, playing strategies, and the subjection that comes with issuing yellow cards and red cards, dealing with coaches and parents who disagree with the ref’s calls. I detest coaches who run up the score on weaker teams by leaving their best players in the game long after the outcome is decided.

      The more challenging question for you would be explaining the offside rule and how it applies to different players on the field, which I doubt you could do without the benefit of Google. But as far as my soccer experience goes, I have been a coach, a commissioner, and a ref from 1997 through 2011.

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