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Tom Tait Crawls into Bed with Jon Fleischman on Measure D

Jon Fleischman
Jon Fleischman

Measure D must now stand for desperate, as Republican blogger and CA GOP official Jon Fleischman has just offered up a robocall for Anaheim voters on Measure D, the initiative that would take the mayor’s term from four years to two years, like many other cities with directly elected mayors in OC. Tait has to be desperate to call on Fleischman, a guy seeking to oust any type of moderatation (or sanity) in the Republican Party.

Here can hear the robocall click the play button below:

Fleischman RoboCall [sc_embed_player fileurl=”″]

TAIT MEME-01 (2)

The OC Register recently ran a story where each of Anaheim’s mayoral candidates speak out on Measure D.  You can read that here.  Tait makes an argument that it’s Outside interests who want to limit his term (which is funny since more than 90 percent of his funds have come from outside interests).

Opponents make the claim that the mayor will be constantly fundraising and would be beholden to big money donors.  Let’s look at another city in OC. close to the size of Anaheim, that has a mayor with a two year term.  You can see Miguel Pulido’s form from 2012 here.  And his opponent David Benavides forms can be viewed here.  Both men had about the same amount of money on hand for the race and Pulido didn’t even have a fundraiser until September of that year.  On the other hand, Tait raised more than that and we’re still five months away from the actual election.  The argument from the Tait-bots rings hollow.

Fleischman also has the reins at Brietbart-California which launched with great fanfare and offended a great many with Nancy Pelosi Photoshopped as Miley Cypress and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg depicted as having breasts.  The tagline for the Pelosi image: “you can’t make this shit up.”  And no you can’t.  Couldn’t have Tait found a respected Republican to make the case for his anti-term limits pitch?  Wasn’t Dana Rohrabacher available (snark intended)?



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