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“Dead to Labor” Solorio has a 93% Pro-Labor Rating

Jose Solorio
Assemblyman Jose Solorio at OCLF Labor Day Celebration, Photo: Chris Prevatt

State Rep. Jose Solorio, who was declared “dead to me” by OC Labor Fed chief Tefere Gebre on primary night for the sin of not backing Labor activist Julio Perez, has a 93 percent pro-Labor voting record in Sacramento and an 89 percent pro-labor rating throughout his assembly career according to Cal Labor Fed records.

Let’s compare Rep. Solorio’s record with others from Orange County.

State Rep. Don Wagner from Irvine as a 3 percent pro-labor record.

State Rep Jim Silva of Huntington Beach, 3 percent.

State Rep. Chris Norby of Brea (not Fullerton according to the report), 3 percent. FFFF would call him a carpetbagger.

State Rep. Jeff Miller from Orange, 7 percent.

State Rep. Allan Mansoor Costa Mesa, 3 percent.

State Rep. Diane Harkey of Laguna Niguel, 3 percent.

Now in fairness, all of the others are Republicans and Solorio is the lone Democrat representing OC.  While there are several assembly reps with perfect pro-Labor scores, 93 percent pro-labor voting rate in 2011 and an 89 percent pro-labor rate lifetime hardly warrants or deserves the “dead to me” label from Gebre or criticism from State Senate candidate Greg Diamond.  The facts don’t bear it out.

Solorio has been a reliable pro-labor advocate during his time in the Assembly.

I have to believe if some of the work he’s done to help the Sacramento Kings relocated from the state capitol to Orange County to become the Anaheim Royals that a consider number of new union jobs will be created in the process.

With flag day coming up, Solorio and local Labor leaders have a great change to come together with an eye towards a unified front for November.


  1. Joe Hill Joe Hill June 8, 2012


    The California Labor Federation rankings are for Assembly Floor votes. Solorio regularly will try to kill labor and consumer friendly legislation in committee. That is what I think Gebre was talking about. When you factor in his committee votes his record is likely in the 60% to 70% range. An elected official who won their seat on the back of labor with an 89% career rating is an insult to those to who got him elected over the Business PAC backed Claudia Alvarez in 2006.

    Solorio put Tom Daly in the race and helped orchestrate his support from JOBSPAC. He recruited and endorsed both Daly and Martinez. His backing of Martinez was so that just enough Latino votes would be pulled away from Perez.

    If the final two candidates in the 69th are Daly and Moreno, Solorio will have sold out the Latino community in the highest Latino population district in the state, so that a non-Latino can be elected to the Assembly, vote against the interests of the middle class and working poor, and screw over consumer rights in favor of his corporate benefactors.

    Solorio is dead to labor, because he actively works against the needs of working people in California.

    • Greg Diamond Greg Diamond June 8, 2012

      This is too complicated for Dan. I say that because everyone who has studied Solorio knows this; there is no way that Dan has not been exposed to this information. I’d rather think him a little feeble than willfully ignorant or worse.

      What you’re leaving out, of course, is not just Solorio’s votes, but his very active undermining of his own party’s positions when he thinks that others aren’t looking — this came out in his remarks in committee — where he eventually abstained to keep his voting record pure — on giving the Insurance Commissioner the right to regulate rates.

      Solorio is a smart guy and adept at handling the public aspects of his record so that he doesn’t leave fingerprints when he helps throttle reform. I’d say he’s unprincipled, but he’s not; he just has the wrong principles. People are keeping track, though, and comparing notes.

      Dan — you picked this fight; not your best moment.

  2. OC Martini Man OC Martini Man June 8, 2012

    Yes! Finally someone on this blog who actually digs deep (love you too Chris P!).
    You are right about Solorio’s committee votes. Not to mention the good consumer regulation bills he has voted against. It’s good to see leaders being leaders by finally holding politicians accountable.

  3. Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | June 8, 2012

    First of all, I think Tom Daly put Tom Daly in the race.

    When a report is produced that shows Solorio’s efforts to kill pro-labor bills, I’m happy to run it. But I did cite a Labor report and stand by my story.

    Daly still has more votes than the other three Latino Democrats in the race. The turnout was about 25%. If you don’t vote, you cannot complain about having a non-Latino Democrat in the race.

    Lastly, Julio is gaining steam; he’s about 600 votes behind Moreno and just might catch up before the election is officially called.

  4. OC Martini Man OC Martini Man June 8, 2012

    Check out his committee votes here:

    Solorio actually listed at 40% lifetime committee votes. Joe Hill is on to something…we should also start looking at consumer bills and see if he’s just as bad.

    • Joe Hill Joe Hill June 9, 2012

      OC Martini Man,

      So everyone is clear, this is what you wanted people to see.

      Solorio, Jose (D – Santa Ana)

      Lifetime Committee %: 40%

      Lifetime Floor %: 89%


      2011 Votes with Labor: 27

      2011 Votes against Labor: 2

      2011 Floor %: 93%

    • Francisco Barragan Francisco Barragan June 9, 2012

      @ OC Martini Man or Joe S:

      Does Labor have a similar scorecard for US Congressional races?

      This link and discussion and summary of voting records was very informative and very useful.



  5. TefereRocks! TefereRocks! June 8, 2012

    Sheesh, your posts are getting tiresome. Next thing you know, you will be placing flaming bags of dog poop outside Mr. Gebre’s door. Perhaps a wet sloppy kiss for Mr. Solorio other than in print? You are not related to Brian Joseph, are you?

    Thwe above comments really nailed the issue to the wall. You also need to have a basic understanding of the manuevering done by legislators up in Sacramento to truly assess a record.

    I believe Mr. Gebre’s complaints are well founded, based upon what I have seen as Mr. Solorio’s Modus Operendi in Sacramento. It is also shown in his committee vote rating of 40%. Solorio works hard to water down bills, regardless of whether it is necessary to get the bill out of committee or for the vote to pass the floor. Typically, he works to kill or water down bills in favor of the same Big Business interests that fund and run JOBSPAC.

    Solorio’s floor vote rating is not a reliable indicator, as he frequently delays voting on Labor Votes until after sufficient votes are cast to ensure the bills will pass the Assembly. He then casts a facade vote in favor, and is able to show that he did not cast a deciding vote on a labor issue, or any matter that his “keepers” do not have a strong position on.

    Look at the matters he voted on and whenhj he voted, and you will see he makes sure he does not cast a deciding vote on any labor vote that has any level of controversy: Just look at the passage rates of the labor bills he voted on and you will see this as well.

    As for the past year, after Kindee Durkee wiped out his treasury, and the 34th was redistricted making it a district in which Solorio will need all of the democratic party behind him, Solorio has suddenly realized that he needs to try to restore bridges that he previously torched, such as with Labor.

    Try taking a look at the bills he killed in his Insurance Committee. Look how the bills he has voted against fit within the demographics of his district. You will see a fundamentally different demographic than you try to portray here.

    While I certainly do not always agree with Labor, I understand the difference between a propaganda piece (which you cite) and the real numbers behind it that cause Labor to have the feelings toward Solorio that Mr. Gebre so colorfully expressed on election night.

    The fact is that Labor LOVES Mr. Gebre, and does NOT love Solorio. It is rather comedic to watch you try to act as an authority on something you so clearly do NOT really grasp very well.

  6. Leading Candidate Leading Candidate June 8, 2012

    No more fighting. Lets visit Pedrozas house and ask him what went wrong with his leading candidate Michele Martinez. Since he keeps erasing my comment asking him, this may be the only way to find out.

    • Greg Diamond Greg Diamond June 10, 2012

      He blames the current 3rd-place (and still potentially 2nd-place) for entering the race before the 4th-place candidate did and thus splitting the vote and preventing her from making the runoff.

      I’m not kidding; that’s what he says. It’s like he’s depending on the idea that all of his readers come to his website only after sniffing glue.

      • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski June 11, 2012

        For someone who constantly pratles about “free speech,” he is not allowing any comments about Martinez on his blog. I have received several emails from readers who have tried to post comments that call him out for his bad reporting of Martinez as “the leading candidate.” Her get out the vote efforts were awful and she did poorly. Perhaps it was all those free ads on New Santa Ana that did her in…and her endorsement of Pedroza for OC BoE probably didn’t help either.

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