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Deborah Pauly Ousted as OC GOP Vice Chair

There’s chatter on Facebook and confirmation from sources within the OC GOP that Villa Park Council member and BoS candidate Deborah Pauly has been removed from her position as OC GOP vice chair.

Sources say OC GOP chair Scott Baugh brought the matter to a vote and the word is there were complaints about Pauly from central committee members.  The vote to remove Pauly wasn’t close — 47-16 with one absention.

OC GOP committee member Allan Bartlett, who did not attend the meeting left a message on his Facebook page: “On a night that should have been devoted to the memory of Tom Fuentes, Scott Baugh throws a stink bomb in the room. Stay classy Mr Chairman.”

No word on a vote to replace Pauly or who it might be.



  1. Mearl Hinckley Mearl Hinckley May 21, 2012

    To quote the American political philosopher Elmer Fudd, “Good widdance to bad wubbish.”

  2. John C. Drew, Ph.D. John C. Drew, Ph.D. May 21, 2012

    This is a huge mistake by the local OCGOP. I gave a speech to the SOC912 group last Friday and they were applauding Deb Pauly as a fresh voice who share their concerns about Muslim extremism gaining a foothold in the U.S. It is like the local OCGOP has spit in the faces of all the Tea Party and 912 activists seeking to build a fresh new, anti-Marxist Republican party in Orange county.

    • Vern Nelson Vern Nelson May 22, 2012

      Sorry to see your Tea Party devolve into racism and xenophobia. I had really hoped for better from it.

    • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | May 23, 2012

      John – Tea Parties are for Little Girls with Imaginary Friends.

      Obama and the Democratic Congress lowered everyone’s federal taxes in 2009.

      The non-partisan COB reports as a percentage, Americans pay less in federal state and local taxes today than they did in the 1950s.

      Reagan raised taxes 11 times, granted amnesty to millions of undocumented workers, exploded the federal budget, expanded the size of government, exploded the deficit, cut and ran from Beruit, negotiated with Terrorists. How many times would the Tea Party have run over him let alone thrown him under the bus if he were a candidate today?

  3. Used to Be OC Used to Be OC May 22, 2012

    Wow. So there’s actually a limit to how crazy one can go in OCGOP-land? That’s an awfully high hurdle that Pauly crossed!

  4. Tar and Feather! Tar and Feather! May 22, 2012

    With extremists like Righeimer and Mensinger in Costa Mesa ruining the Republican brand and increasing Democratic support, Scotty Boy is running scared.

  5. Robert Lauten Robert Lauten May 22, 2012

    The root problem is OC Republican Chairman Scott Baugh’s double standard on “3% at 50 years of age” retirement for public employees. In 2001 it was OK for, today’s candidate for O.C. Board of Supervisors, Todd Spitzer to vote for a retroactive 3% at 50 for public employees, because the O.C. Republican leadership did not at that time declare 3% at 50 to be unsustainable.

    But it was not OK for Leslie Daigle to twice vote for 3% at 50 for Newport Beach public employees, because she lied about voting for 3% at 50 in order to receive the endorsement of the OC Republican Party for her run for City Council.

    The problem is this: 47 members of the OC Republican Party Central Committee are living in an economic fantasy-land. A guaranteed retirement benefit of 3% at 50 is sustainable in a collapsing economy. Another factor was Deborah Pauly’s “Republican Party Politically Incorrect” comments.
    Robert Lauten

  6. francisco barragan francisco barragan May 22, 2012

    Although, I DON’T agree with Ms. Deborah Pauly’s personal politics or her personal approach, as a Past President of professional organizations, and the commander of a veterans organization, and a long-term Board member of my Home Owners Association (HOA), it seems that proper parliamentary due-process procedures were violated, and by extension the rights of the members of the Republican party.

    a) Generally, and this could be different for the party, an Agenda needs to be prepared and communicated in Advance, in order to be able to decide on a matter. Advance notice generally requires 2 days verbal or 4 days written notice.

    b) The presiding officer (President or Chairman) should refrain from making a motion themselves. The Motion and the second on the motion, should preferably be done by other members. The power of a President or Chairman comes from influencing others through objective and impassioned persuasion, and not from controlling the Agenda or the Motions.

    c) All officers should always act in good-faith and in the best interests of the organization they represent, and should preempt any political manipulations.
    To ensure this, I think it would have been preferable to defer the matter until after the June 5th election.

    If the Chairman was going to be out of town as pointed out, then if there were was validity in contemplating the removal of the vice-Chair, I am sure the other members would have seen fit to act accordingly.

    The way this was conducted, to an outsider like myself this looks like a violation of due-process which is the cornerstone of our Constitution and our American Values and Principles!

    From a fellow Non-partisan, solutions focused Democrat Citizen.

    P.S. I respect Ms. Deborah Pauly’s service to country, and her son’s service too (a fellow US Marine brother)

    Francisco “Paco” Barragan
    Candidate for State Assembly 2012- 69th AD

    • Wiley Drake Wiley Drake June 3, 2012

      Scott/ Pauly reminds me of why after 40 years I left the GOP in 2006 over the Baugh reccomend of Corona.

      Recovering Republican

  7. Ltpar Ltpar May 22, 2012

    At a time when Orange County Republican voters are abandoning their Party in record numbers, switching to become Independents, the Central Committee should be asking “Why,is this happening?” The answer doesn’t require one to be a rocket scientist to figure out. Under Scott Baugh and influenced by the “good ol boys” at the Lincoln Club, there is absolutely no leadership, priorities are bassackwards and the Party has lost it’s focus on traditional Republican values. Add to that Party leaders backstabbing their own members who speak out about issues of concern, to the point of sending hate mailers destroying their runs for local offices. Finally, recruitment and support of local candidates in their efforts to become elected is nonexistent. Yet, while all this is happening, Republicans stand on the sidelines, wringing their hands and wondering why their once held majority in Orange County has disappeared. The answer is very simple fellow Republicans, “We have met the enemy and the enemy is us.”

    • Gericault Gericault May 22, 2012

      They attacked Wendy Leece in Costa Mesa viciously, and she voted 3@50 with every other Republican, including Allan Mansoor.They attacked her most viciously when she voted for a two tier pension reform that lowered the 3@50. She voted before “he” was elected you see. They got mad…mainly because Jim Righeimer couldn’t pin the “reformer” pin on his GOP honor pelt. It’s not about the money with these clowns. It’s about bringing in crony’s to perform municipal services whilst filling campaign coffers. Wendy Leece a lifelong “republican”, in every word, act and deed…..was crucified by these goons. I am a lifelong Democrat, and I can’t believe I’m supporting Wendy Leece,……but I’ll support any council person who puts the City before outside Party interests.

    • Jeff Gallagher Jeff Gallagher May 23, 2012

      If by “traditional party values”, you mean, religious bigotry and aligning with segregationists who should have remained in Alabama, sure. Pauly is an embarrassment to the party. And, while I agree that the party should be mourning the loss of Tom Fuentes, Baugh did the right thing in bringing this to a vote. That’s apparent by the lopsided results.

      • Ltpar Ltpar May 23, 2012

        Jeff, it was very “Christian” of you to take time out from your busy schedule of propaganda spinmaster and fundraiser for “CAIR,” the front for Hamas in America, to comment on Republican Party politics. By my reference to traditional values, I was not thinking in terms of anything to do with religion, but rather instead traditions of smaller, less costly, less inclusive government.

        Show me a candidate who supports the Constitution, mandates government living within it’s means without raising taxes, presents a balanced budget and who focuses resources solving problems at home, rather than nation building and they have my vote. To these ends, the Republican Party has digressed to the point where they are almost as bad as you Democrats? Once the economy is fixed and people are back to work, then we can address the many social issues that also need to be addressed. Having government be all things to all people, as proposed by Karl Marx and his clone, Barack Obama is definitely not the answer.

        • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | May 23, 2012

          Barack Obama doesn’t look a thing like Karl Marx Pat…to that end, the last Republican president who balanced the budget was Richard Nixon. The last Republican president with a budget surplus was Dwight Eisenhauer.

          Reagan raised taxes 11 times as president, granted amnesty to millions of undocumented immigrants, turned the US from the greatest creditor nation to the greatest debtor nation in 8 years, exploded the budget, spent beyond his means, ignored the AIDS crisis, negotiated with terrorists, cut and ran from Beirut, and was morer “Hollywood” than Obama has ever been. How many times would the Tea party run the Gipper over after throwing him under the bus?

          • John C. Drew, Ph.D. John C. Drew, Ph.D. May 23, 2012

            Please… I knew the young Obama while he was a sophomore at Occidental College. He was definitely a Marxist socialist extremist in 1980/1981. Obama has violated the U.S. Constitution in an attempt to take control of our health care system through legislation. Deb Pauly understands that our nation is in real danger right now we need more just like her.

            • Ltpar Ltpar May 24, 2012

              I’m with you John. In fact, wish she would move to Irvine, we could definitely use her on our City Council. Oops sorry Dan, I recognized you are joined at the hip with the Agranistas.

          • Ltpar Ltpar May 24, 2012

            Dan, don’t confuse me with someone who is enamored with,or sympathic to the “good ol boys” in the Republican Party, either nationally or locally. Can’t do much about the national level, but am working to help real conservatives get elected to the Central Committee. If a majority is achieved, new leadership can be instilled and the Party rebuilt. Deborah Pauly is clearly not part of the Republican “in-crowd” because she asks questions and challenges the status quo. That makes her one of the “white hats” in my play book. On the likeness between the two, Obama and Marx might not have had the same parents, but both have those radical Socialist genes coursing through their bodies. The first Marx failed and so will the second.

    • Robert Lauten Robert Lauten May 23, 2012

      Vote With Your Feet on July 5th.

      Unhappy Republican campers and Democrats that see Obama as a continuation of the Bush administration should re-register as NPA – No Party Affiliation, or American Independent Party, or Libertarian Party. California is an “Open Primary” state; one’s party affiliation only matters in Presidential Primaries, and voting for Central Committee candidates.

      Please don’t reregister in June; because the staff at the OC Registrar of Voters office will be busy finalizing the June 5th vote. Mark your calendar for a July 5th reregistration.

      I’m Robert Lauten, the reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act 1933-1999 Republican candidate for US Senate. 94% of the House Republicans and 73% of the Democrats voted to kill the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999. If I were to place 2nd in the June 5th Open Primary then reinstating Glass-Steagall would become the issue in the November General Election.

    • Randall May Randall May May 23, 2012

      I agree. As a former member of the Lincoln Club, it is clear that the LC and the OCGOP are joined at the hip. That ‘good ole boy’ network will self destruct. At some point, the chickens will stop voting for Col. Sanders.

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