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More Motel Hell for Norby

Supervisor Chris Norby

It was believed Assemblyman Chris Norby (R-Fullerton) had been cleared on charges that he improperly used campaign funds to pay for a motel stay while he was separated from wife #3 a few years back (he later repaid his campaign for the funds).  The LA Times is reporting that Norby isn’t quite in the clear yet.

From the story:

The enforcement division of the state Fair Political Practices Commission recommended in documents released Monday that the panel “reject the proposed decision”  of the judge and instead decide the case itself based on the evidence.  

The division has accused Norby of improper use of campaign funds for personal benefit when he was on the Orange County Board of Supervisors in 2007, noting he billed the campaign for his move into a motel while he was having marital difficulties.  

 “On August 1, 2007, Respondent Norby separated from his third wife and paid $340, in advance, for one week of lodging at the Fullerton A Inn in Fullerton, California,” according to the enforcement staff’s opening brief for a new hearing by the panel. Norby later had his campaign reimburse him for the motel stay.

Norby is now married to his fourth wife and they have a small child together.  Norby is a critic of pensions but has worked in government most of his adult life and will draw pensions from multiple government sources when he retires or is defeated in November by popular Fullerton mayor Sharon Quirk-Silva.


  1. Jeff Gallagher Jeff Gallagher March 26, 2012

    Well, if he isn’t checking out motel rooms for the homeless, he’s checking out park benches for comfort level. His tireless work as an advocate for the homeless is apparent. Unfortunately, the FPPC has shown just ineffective they can be with their milktoast decision regarding city councilmembers voting themselves on to lucrative board positions. So, don’t expect anything earth shattering to come down

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