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A Word on Andrew Breitbart’s Passing

Andrew Breitbart is dead and allow us to take the high road and express our sympathies to his wife and four children who now must go on without a husband and father. 

The local newspapers have considerably different accounts of Mr. Breitbart with the OC Register taking the apporach he uncovered government corruption and media bias (while ignoring Mr. Breitbart’s conservative media bias) and the LA Times calling Breitbart out for the nasty comments he uttered about Ted Kennedy after the Lion of the Senate passed away in 2009.

TheLiberalOC was invited to participate in a debate with Mr. Breitbart by the UCI college Republicans last year but the event was cancelled.

Love him or hate him, Mr. Breitbart is gone.  And rather than say nasty thing about the way he conducted himself, instead I urge readers to think of his family and their hour of grief.


  1. b5ey b5ey March 3, 2012

    Is that the same “Lion of the Senate” that left a girl (not his wife) to die in his car and then lied about it?

    • Gericault Gericault March 5, 2012

      Right…..or had a self induced cocaine fueled Heart attack…..

  2. Greg Diamond Greg Diamond March 4, 2012

    The best commemoration I saw of Breitbart’s death simply quoted what he said about Ted Kennedy when he died.

    Robert Lauten — I can’t tell whether you are serious about the notion that he was murdered or just stirring the pot. I also can’t tell which would reflect worse on you.

    • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski March 6, 2012

      and you’re a canddiate for Congress! There’s a sale on tinfoil at Walmart. Don’t you need some for new hats?

      • Robert Lauten Robert Lauten March 6, 2012

        I’m one of 15 candidates for US Senate; links to all of our websites are at
        From a Liberal’s point of view I should be considered the lesser evil of the 14 challengers because I am the reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act 1933-1999 candidate.

        In September of 2011 I was running against Loretta Sanchez. My only issue was for her to cosponsor House Resolution H.R. 1489 which would reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act. She cosponsored on 10/12/2011 so I moved on to run against Gary Miller & Ed Royce who were at the time running against each outer.

        I’m now running for second place against 13 challengers for US Senate in the June Open Primary.
        Absolutely, – 100% guaranteed, – one of the 14 will win the 2nd highest vote count and move on to the November General Election.
        One of the 14 candidates is Orly Taitz who Liberals affectionately call the “Birther” lady. She has the greatest ‘name recognition’ and could come in 2nd in the June Open Primary.

        Liberals, – Think It Through.

  3. John Slater John Slater March 6, 2012

    Looking at the passion about which people are talking about him, Breitbart must be looking up and smiling at us.

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