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OC Democratic Party Selects Nick Anas as New (Interim) Executive Director

With a Facebook post Nick Anas, the current Chair of the Orange County Young Democrats, announced his new job.

“Was just hired to serve as the next Executive Director of the Democratic Party of Orange County. I am looking forward to helping turn OC bluer one day, dollar and voter at a time!”

Nick Anas

The Democratic Party of Orange County has been without an Executive Director since Long Beach Councilwoman Gerrie Schipskie stepped down to pursue other opportunities. Nick was selected by the DPOC Executive Committee Monday evening to fill the vacant position. The Party Bylaws require that an Executive Director appointment be approved by a 60% ratification vote of the full Central Committee before it becomes effective. Nick has been hired under a one month contract to complete tasks necessary for the upcoming State party convention. The Executive Committee has recommended the appointment of Nick for a three month  contract position as interim/acting Executive Director for formal consideration by the Central Committee at its January 24th meeting.

The hiring of an Executive Director is a critical component necessary to guide the efforts of the DPOC in reaching out to the more than 500,000 registered Democrats in Orange County in the lead up to the new open primary process and general election this year. In the Primary election the top two vote-getters in legislative races for State Assembly, Senate, and House of Representatives, regardless of party affiliation, are selected  for the general election contests November.

Nick is an Orange County native raised in La Habra. He became politically active during the 2008 Democratic primaries while attending the University of California Santa Barbara, where he received a BA in Political Science with an emphasis in International Relations in June 2008.

After moving back to Orange County in September 2008 he volunteered and became a Canvass Director for the California Democratic Party Coordinated Campaign in Santa Ana. After the election he interned for the Democratic Party of Orange County. He was the Assistant Campaign Manager for the Beth Krom for Congress campaign  during the 2010 elections. Nick was elected OCYD Political Director in April 2009. In April of 2010 he was elected Chair of Orange County Young Democrats. He is currently an Associate at Daily Consulting, a fundraising and political consulting firm.

Congratulations Nick.


  1. Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski January 10, 2012

    Nick is a great choice – a smart young man with great skills. He’s an asset to the party.

  2. Greg Diamond Greg Diamond January 10, 2012

    Almost, not quite. It would be more accurate to describe him as an Interim Executive Director, as this is a fixed term 3-month contract. (I explain it here:

    Speaking for myself and not pretending to speak for the DPOC: I’m happy to see Nick get this chance; he’s a great guy, smart and likable, and a true up-and-comer. My belief is that his ability to raise money for a truly good cause — keeping Nick Anas as Acting Executive Director for the entire election season! — will be very successful and will make the decision of the DPOC very easy.

    I do think that the great performance that DPOC can expect from Nick in 2012 would make an excellent case for a permanent placement, but there’s no reason to put the card before the horse. Placing even this level of trust in someone so recently out of college is unusual; Nick has shown himself to be a good bet.

    • Greg Diamond Greg Diamond January 10, 2012

      (And, yes, I did mean “cart before the horse.” Sigh.)

  3. Bluedog in the O.C. Bluedog in the O.C. January 11, 2012

    Nick has to be confirmed by the entire Committee, I expect that he will be. I will be a yes vote. But it is not actually official until that happens.

  4. Facebook Stalker Facebook Stalker January 11, 2012

    anyone else bothered by Pedroza’s Facebook stalking?

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