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OccupyOC Demonstrates on Black Friday Eve

An unknown marcher holds the Occupy Orange County sign while marching at South Coast Plaza early in the morning (1:08am) on Black Friday. A lit South Coast Plaza sign is lit in the background. The protesters were tied together by rope, being led by a single protestor dressed in a suit (as a banker), symbolizing how the 1% lead the 99% - Photo: Marc Perkins

 COSTA MESA — A small group of OccupyOC protesters occupied the lines of Black Friday shoppers at South Coast Plaza last night. The protesters started out in front of Best Buy in South Coast Metro at around 10:30 pm, then marched to Old Navy and Macy’s. There were about two dozen protesters participating in the demonstration that was designed to encourage people to votes with their dollars this holiday season and buy from local businesses rather than the large corporations.

Orange County photographer Marc Perkins was on hand for the demonstration and got some pictures which he asked us to share with our readers.

Occupy Orange County – Black Friday March – Images by Marc Perkins has a report on the Black Friday demonstrations nationally here.


  1. Post Modern Post Modern November 26, 2011

    Nice banner there. It was courtesy of Occupy Santa Ana.

  2. Jeff Gallagher Jeff Gallagher November 27, 2011

    Of course, I would bet that not one, single shopper left the line at any of the corporate stores. Are there even any small businesses in SC? Maybe it is time for #Occupy to evolve or dissolve. The message doesn’t seem to be getting through to the 99% or the 1%.

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