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Julio Perez Formally Announces Candidacy for Assembly

Julio Perez, Photo: Chris Prevatt

We received this formal announcement from Julio Perez this morning regarding the 69th Assembly race.

Anaheim, CA – Calling jobs and education his top priorities, Julio Perez today formally announced his candidacy to represent the 69th District of the California State Assembly. Perez said his campaign already has begun organizing and also announced the endorsements of Anaheim City School District Board Member Dr. Jose Moreno, Santa Ana Unified School District Board Member John Palacio and North Orange County Community College District Trustee Mike Matsuda.

“Sacramento is a mess. We need to stop the bickering and focus on creating good-paying jobs. We need to work together, protect education from deeper cuts and make sure our children are prepared for the jobs of tomorrow,” said Perez, who will have a formal campaign kick-off event in September. “Growing up in Anaheim, I saw how hard my parents worked to make ends meet. That’s why I have dedicated my life to improving the lives of working families and the middle class.”

Julio’s commitment to education was lauded by several education leaders who also announced their endorsement of his candidacy.

“Julio’s passion and experience make him the right candidate to represent our communities,” said Dr. Jose Moreno, a member of the Anaheim City School District board and a professor of Chicano and Latino studies at Cal State Long Beach. “I have worked with Julio for years on issues affecting our community and have seen first-hand his inclusive and open leadership style. He will be the pragmatic and inclusive leader we need up in Sacramento.”

“Julio has a deep-rooted understanding of what our community needs and the skills to be a successful legislator,” added John Palacio, a member of the Santa Ana Unified School District. “He has demonstrated the ability to bring people together to improve our communities.”

“Julio recognizes the vital role education and job-training plays in creating good-paying jobs,” continued Mike Matsuda, a trustee of the North Orange County Community College District. “He knows what it takes to help job-seekers get the skills they need to meet today’s workforce needs and the jobs of tomorrow.”

Throughout his career, Julio has worked tirelessly to improve the lives of working families and to give them a voice in the community. Julio began his career as a policy analyst for the Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy (LAANE). He successfully led efforts that encouraged contractors to create good-paying jobs and provide affordable health insurance for workers.

Prior to his current position as senior policy analyst for the United Food and Commercial Workers, Julio served as political director for the Orange County Labor Federation. In this position, he worked with business and community leaders along with elected officials to create and protect good-paying jobs. As a member of the Orange County Workforce Investment Board, Julio has fought for job training programs that meet the needs of job seekers and local businesses. He understands that a well-qualified workforce can help drive business growth in our communities.

Julio is the only formally declared Democratic candidate in the June Primary to represent the 69th Assembly District. The seat is currently held by Jose Solorio, who can no longer serve in the State Assembly due to term limits. The top two vote-getters in the June 5, 2012 Primary will run in the General Election in November. The 69th District has been reapportioned by the California Citizens Redistricting Commission and now includes a large part of the City of Santa Ana along with portions of Anaheim, Garden Grove and Orange.


  1. Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski August 23, 2011

    Thanks for reading the blog Vern; where else would you get your story ideas?

  2. Vern Nelson Vern Nelson August 23, 2011

    Oh yeah, right, I got the idea to write a piece about, let’s see, Fleischman, Tyler Diep, Keith Carlson, Joe Dovinh, Leslie Daigle, Allan Mansoor, Lynn Daucher, Bob Huff, Tom Daly, Julio Perez, and Michele Martinez … from you guys putting up a pinche press release from Julio!

    Just be glad I still link to you weenies, while you’re busy trying to fleece me. It’s called incomparable nobility.

    • Chris Prevatt Chris Prevatt Post author | August 24, 2011


      Not for nothing but you’re the idiot who bought $17,000 of Art Pedroza’s liability for $1. Nothing personal.

  3. Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski August 23, 2011

    I had the Fleischman Redistricting angle several posts ago; Daly/Michele/Perez…from Friday. Try to keep up. And writing Spanglish “pinche” and “chismes” doesn’t make you cool. You can stop linking to us anytime you want-I won’t feel slighted.

    Tfrying to fleece you? Please. You’re the idiot that assumed another man’s $17,000 debt for $1. It’s called incomparable stupidity, especially if you think I’m going to forget all about it. Tick tock Vern. Your deadline for a plan is 7 days away.

    • Vern Nelson Vern Nelson August 23, 2011

      *yawn* Este pendejo es aburrido…

      • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski August 23, 2011

        Esta persona es evidentemente borracho e inestable. Tal vez su mente fue mal en la cárcel

      • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski August 23, 2011

        Ten mężczyzna nie ma etyki lub wyroku skazującego. Jest on moralnie upadłości

  4. junior junior August 23, 2011

    Julio Perez seems like a nice guy – nobody knows him – doesn’t stand a chance.

    • Vern Nelson Vern Nelson August 23, 2011

      You, living in Santa Ana, don’t know him. The election’s 15 months away, Junior. Jesus.

  5. John Slater John Slater August 24, 2011

    Hey you two, get a room!

    I’ve been hearing a lot of chismes (I’m trying to be cool!) that Jose Solorio is backing both Santa Ana Snooki and Tom Daly.

    Is Pulido doing one of those behind the scenes dual-endorsements too?

    • Vern Nelson Vern Nelson August 25, 2011

      If that’s so it reflects well on Julio as being the progressive candidate of change.

  6. Greg Diamond Greg Diamond August 24, 2011

    I’m writing to both Vern and Chris P. (If I had your address, Dan, I’d write to you too.) I don’t know the details of this conflict and I don’t really want to right now, but this is not benefiting either publication, both of which I enjoy.

    • Chris Prevatt Chris Prevatt Post author | August 24, 2011

      Greg, I can’t say I disagree with you.

      • Vern Nelson Vern Nelson August 25, 2011

        He started it, he started it…

        • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski August 26, 2011

          The Pedroza defense doesn’t work here Vern; or in court….

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