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Video: Republican Elected Officials Gather at Hate Rally

Congressman Ed Royce (CA-40)

Video footage has been released of a hate rally in Yorba Linda against a Muslim fundraiser held by the Islamic Circle of North America. Republican Congressmen Gary Miller and Ed Royce along with Villa Park Councilwoman Deborah Pauly gave supportive speeches at the event, and Pauly even called the Muslims attending the event ‘terrorists.’ In the video, Tea Party protesters and other conservative groups shout down the attendees and tell them to ‘go home’ despite home being Orange County for many of the Muslims there. The Republican Party has shown itself once again to be a stalwart defender of prejudice and hate.

Since winning the election, conservatives have mounted a ferocious attack on minority groups across the country. ACORN has been demonized by the Republican Michael Moore, James O’Keefe, despite it being key to lobbying minority interests regarding urban development. Women’s rights are under attack by the attempt to cut Planned Parenthood’s provision of preventative services like contraceptives or necessary STD tests. Further, Georgia lawmaker Bobby Franklin proposed a bill that would investigate whether a woman’s miscarriage was accidental or not, deeply violating privacy rights of women. And Arizona lawmakers are challenging the 14th Amendment to prevent immigrant children from being considered citizens.


When the Tea Party says they want to restore America to its original roots, it has nothing to do with the Constitution. The Constitution guarantees freedom of religion. The Constitution treats all equally. The Tea Party’s beliefs, on the other hand, are the very antithesis of the Constitution.


  1. RHackett RHackett March 4, 2011

    This is embarassing.

  2. mary mary March 4, 2011

    Liberal OC people did you ask Mr. Collins permission to use HIS VIDEO?. How legal and respecful of the law are if you DID NOT?

    • Howard be my name Howard be my name March 7, 2011

      Mary — Liberal OC didn’t use anyone’s video. All they did here was put up a link to YouTube. As long as the YouTube logo appears at the bottom of the video (which it does), linking to a YouTube video is perfectly legal and ethical.

  3. Vern Nelson Vern Nelson March 5, 2011

    Saad, why the offhand insult to Michael Moore, equating scumbag James O’Keefe to him? O’Keefe’s “work” has no relation to the truth and is nothing but mean-spirited rightwing assaults on the powerless, while Michael creates great AND fact-sourced works of art that comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.

    The grotesque Deborah Pauly issued a DEATH THREAT to the innocent Muslims inside when she said her Marine sons and her Marine friends would be happy to give them an “early meeting in Paradise” and she must not be allowed to live that down.

    Royce and Miller were shameful demagogues who are smart enough to know these people pose no threat and there’s no danger of Shar’ia law, but they’ll give a mob any red meat at hand. I hope the new redistricting will make it a little easier to do away with one or both of the useless jerks.

    And how do you like the old hag screeching “Go home and beat your wife like you do every day” to a crowd who are there to fundraise for a women’s shelter?

  4. Al-anon fan Al-anon fan March 5, 2011

    Go have another drink mr. I went to jail for 3 DUI s

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