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Rally to Restore Civility to Tustin City Hall Set for Nov. 16


Toll road Jerry Amante in Tustin muts be taking notes from Santa Ana Mayor Pro Tem Claudia Alvarez.  Amante berated a citizen for bringing a campaign mailer featuring comments from outgoing Council member Doug Davert that a citizen found offensive.  And Amante, who is supposed to sit back and listen to what the public says in public comment, lashed out in a shameful display of arrogance (see if for yourself in this YouTube video).

Amante’s performance is making the rounds via the email chain and several Tustin readers have let us know, they have had enough.

A “Rally to Restore Civility in Tustin” will be held on Tuesday, November 16 at 6:00 PM in front of City Hall.  Protestors are asked to bring posters and messages that they want to share at the City Council meeting at 7:00 pm, during Public Input.

Amante is about to lose his BFF Davert on the council which is gaining another strong progressive woman in the form of Beckie Gomez McKeon.  Given that this old boy’s network belittles women regularly, pehraps McKeon and Deborah Gavello can askm Amante and Company if they treat their wives like this at home.

I have to guess Jerry thought he’d be celebrating an Assembly victory that night.  Amante finished last in a three way race for AD-70.


  1. Sharon Jones Sharon Jones November 5, 2010

    Thanks you for putting this piece together. I think everyone has had enough.

  2. Keep da Peace Keep da Peace November 5, 2010

    Is anyone surprised at Amante’s arrogance? He has such a big head it can hardly get through the double doors of Tustin City hall. Amante got his come uppance when he lost (badly) his bid for the assembly seat. In that election, he was told outright exactly what the people of Tustin thinks of him. I will do my best to be there that night to add my voi8ce and support against the good ol’ boys of Tustin and support the two candidates that, while they may not be a suave as dear old Jerry, are certainly more interested in keeping our city the way the citizens want it.

  3. Trace Campaign Contributions Trace Campaign Contributions November 5, 2010

    The disgusting smear piece mailed signed by Davert came from the CA Homeowners Association? Go to the FPPC websie and start entering it and then tracing it backwards thru the flow of money. In summary it is the PAC which paid for the mailer, after the money flowed thru several other PACs donating to each other. Who is at the top of this garbage? CR&R, the city’s trash vendor has the lead PAC and collects “dues” from every little trash hauler in a three county area. They gave Murray and Peery $2,000 each directly to their campaign fund. Vestar, the company who developed/manages the “District” shopping area also gave a few thousand, as did the Automobile Dealers Association of the tustin Auto Center. The pattern goes on. Ask the City Clerk for copies of the candidates campaign filings. Amante and Davert used their “influence” to obtain funding for all the negative mailers from City Vendors. Isn’t it nice the city’s trash hauler, only Developer on the old Base and the Auto center each “contributed” money to Jerry’s Kids. Even nicer is the money being used to mail an attack against one of several opponents to Amante, Davert and Neilsen’s hand picked candidates to keep control of the Council, lie outright on the same mailpiece claiming one School Board Member they are extremely annoyed with “condones the hiring of sexual predators” and grossly exaggerating a fine given to former 4 time Mayor Tracy Worley for not reporting 3 meals over $50 paid for by a City Vendor. The three meals were under $100, and two under $200. Hardly a “Disgraced Mayor” as Davert stated in attemptinng to discredit Worley for suporting David Waldram.
    Let’s ask Amante and Davert about the use of taxpayer money to conduct “popularity polls” during the year on themselves and Neilsen and to find out what they neeed to do to bring up their numbers. Interesting these polling numbers are not made aware to council Members Palmer and Gavello. The big question now is ” will Murray roll over and take orders from Amante on when to sneeze as John Neilsen did shortly after he was elected. He was a deer in the Campaign headlights as Amante and Davert rounded up money for him and had their Campaign Consultants design and run his election to the Council. Peery never had a chance in this election. Amante and Davert recruited her to appear as not being the anti-female boys based on their contempt for Council Member Gavello. Loveland was hand picked to run by Gavello and Becky had all the credentials which scared Amante and company. They got their one candidate elected, barely. Now, can they control Murray enough to keep control of the voting block and who is Mayor each year?

    • for a better tustin for a better tustin November 6, 2010

      Sadly, I will put $100.00 that Al Murray will roll over and vote with the Amante & Neilsen block to make John “Jerry’s Puppet” Neilsen Mayor for 2011– Do you think AL has the independence and B**** to vote for Gavello as Mayor?! Neilsen has shown to have the backbone of a jellyfish when it comes to standing up to Amante—

      • ThinkForYourself ThinkForYourself November 8, 2010

        Gavello is Worley’s hand puppet. Worley was a total wingnut when she sat up there and Gavello is going down the same path. Did you see the look on her face because she had NO IDEA what to say, when she was confronted with the fact that the pay cut was her idea? And then after she voted on it (with her free will) she later decided to hire an attorney to try and get her money back?!?!?! At least she representing the democrats well because that’s exactly what a good democrat would do.

        And if Worley hadn’t done anything wrong with all her misreporting and lying, then why didn’t she run again?

        • newsjunky newsjunky November 9, 2010

          Tracy Worley served the city for over 12 years as city councilperson and as mayor several times – I think more years then any person in Tustin recent history. Saying she is guilty of something caused her not to run is like saying why didn’t Neil Armstrong walk on the moon again – I expect she feels, been there done that.

          It would be better to ask, why are current city council members Amante and Davert obsessed with Worley to attack her about a reporting error in 2005?

          Worley and past councils did a mighty fine job of respecting the citizens and their interests – more then I can say for the majority of the current city council. The record speaks for itself.

        • Had Enough Had Enough November 15, 2010

          Tracy Worley a wingnut? Hardly. She is an intelligent, strong woman who most likely doesn’t share your political views. That does not make her a wingnut. My guess is she didn’t run again because she didn’t like the behavior we all see with current council members Davert and Amante who bully and demean fellow council members (and citizens, and civic groups) who do not share their views.

      • Keep da Peace Keep da Peace November 8, 2010

        I wouldn’t take that bet. There is no doubt that Murray, culled from the linen of Irvine, will be good for Amante and his gang and bad for the citizens of Tustin. It doesn’t take gonads to stand up to Amante. He is quite the little man, you know. What it takes is a bigger mouth. That might be hard to come by.

        • localgirl localgirl November 9, 2010

          Murray has a good public record and appears a stand up guy. Let’s hope he tosses any campaign pressure exerted by Amante and Davert out the window, and speaks for himself during his tenure. With Davert gone, Amante has a free hand (as in puppetry) so it will take extra gumption for Murray to rise above. As always, it will be obvious to the citizenry who cares about them and their future.

  4. Lighterthanair Lighterthanair November 6, 2010

    I find your liberal groping funny and amusing. Good win Tuesday.
    Won’t amount to spit. 3-2 majority wins every time. Now we go after Gavello.
    Get ready!!!

  5. Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | November 8, 2010

    I caught “Megamind” over the weekend with my daughter; the mayor of the city is the spitting image of Jerry Amante

  6. Save Tustin Save Tustin November 8, 2010

    “The good ole boys (Amante and Davert)” ought to be ashamed of themselves for how they treat the public on a regular basis. The conduct revealed in this clip is repeated over and over. Just go on the city’s website and watch the end of this meeting as they verbally accost Deborah Gavallo. It is dispicable. They treat her with such disdain and it is very hard to watch. So glad that Davert will finally be gone and hopefully never find himself serving the public again. God help us.

  7. citizenesquire citizenesquire November 9, 2010

    Having just reviewed the above video clip, i am reminded of Mr. Amante’s “salacious and specious” rants, and as often is the case, this one is filled with exaggeration and hyperbole. I too received the campaign mailer penned by Doug Davert and found it despicable. Good riddance Mr Davert.

  8. Had Enough Had Enough November 14, 2010

    Really, Mr. Amante. How do you and Doug Davert sleep at night? Do you truly believe you are serving with integrity and with Tustin’s best interest at heart? Your negativity and bullying is exhausting to me. It must take such a toll on your bodies and souls – and families. When all is said and done, will you and Doug Davert look back on your lives and service and be at peace with how you have conducted yourselves? I honestly can’t believe you will. We live in difficult times – life is hard financially for many people, terrorism threatens our country – why make life any harder than it already is with your hateful, venomous conduct?

    • Howard be my name Howard be my name November 14, 2010

      The difficulty, Had Enough, is that you are assuming a fact not in evidence: that Amante and Davert have souls.

  9. Had Enough Had Enough November 14, 2010

    Pardon my error, make that: “Your negativity and bullying are exhausting to me.”

  10. Walbridge Walbridge November 19, 2010

    Davert said that sometimes politics is “messy.” Davert and Amante brought PARTY POLITICS into local elections. Don’t we have to endure enough of that on the state and federal level? In the last 8 years they have attempted to build a “political machine” to control Tustin. They have bullied anyone and any group that attempts to stand up to them and their “chosen candidates.”

    In the over 35 years my family have lived in Tustin we have been lucky to have wonderful council leadership that put community before political party. Worley-Hagen, Kennedy, and the Salterali brothers were some of the best.

    Mr Davert, I would like to tell you personally, I will always take the endorsement of Al Enderle, a known Christian and long time community leader, before I take one from someone who puts party politics before community!

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