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Tentative Ruling goes Against Hieu Nguyen On Ballot Designation – Also facing challenge over name

UPDATE: Judge Franz Miller has issued his tentative ruling in Clerk-Recorder Tom Daly’s challenge of his ballot designation. The tentative ruling grants the writ of mandate requested by Daly. Hugh Nguyen got a little break though, he can use the “Assistant Clerk” title that he has with the Clerk of the Board.

From the Tentative Ruling – Reasoning:  “Assistant Orange County Clerk” is deceptive in that, in the context of the Clerk-Recorder election, it connotes second in command to the incumbent Daly and experience in the office; Nguyen’s card lists him as “Assistant Clerk of the Board”; Nguyen could properly designate as “Assistant Clerk of the Board of Supervisors”

We’ll see if anything changes at the hearing at 1:30 today.

UPDATE #2: H/T to Matt Cunningham over at RedCounty; It seems the challenge has been withdrawn. The reason: Nguyen is in the process of legally changing his first name to “Hugh,” and the change will liekly be finished before the June primary. Therefore, it was thought a judge would be hesitant to order Nguyen to use his soon-to-be-former first name on the ballot.

We have also learned that there is an additional challenge to Hugh/Hieu Nguyen’s ballot designation. This one of his name. It seem that Mr. Nguyen, who is running for County Clerk-Recorder, has allegedly filed to run under an alias. Mr. Nguyen’s legal name is Hieu Nguyen. He is using an “Americanized” version of his first name Hugh.

The proponents of this challenge are republicans. The plaintiff is Greg Winterbottom of Villa Park, and his attorney is Bruce Peotter. The Case # is 30-2010-00355911-CU-WM-CJC.

It is probably too short  period of time for this challenge to be combned with Daly’s which is scheduled for hearing at 1:30 on Tuesday.

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  1. Carumba Carumba March 23, 2010

    Winterbottom’s a jerk.

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