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John Leos Announces Anaheim City Council Candidacy

There is a new candidate in the race for Anaheim City Council this November. The following announcement came in to us last night.

John Leos

ANAHEIM, CA.- (March 16) – John Leos, a lifelong Anaheim resident, has announced his candidacy to seek a seat in the Anaheim City Council in this coming November’s election.

Leos, a Republican, will be vying to fill one of two vacant seats.

When asked recently how he proposes to best serve the immediate needs of Anaheim residents, he responded, “Jobs, jobs, and jobs.” This, he said, would be his very first priority upon assuming office. Further, Leos intends to “stimulate business growth and the resort area.”

After good jobs, he strongly supports improving the quality of education in the city through partnering with parent organizations, the city and school districts.

His other primary concerns include making Anaheim safer and more livable while attracting more visitors; he seeks to promote Anaheim’s status as a host city and destination city for the country and the world. Along with this, he says it’s necessary that the city continues to repair and maintain its vital infrastructure, vigilantly enforces its blight code and beautifies itself.

To help kick off his candidacy there will be a campaign event on Wednesday, April 7th, from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the Servite High School Theatre Lobby. On hand will be supporters Senator Lou Correa, the Anaheim Municipal Employees Association, the Orange County Employees Association and many others.

Mr. Leos is currently a peace officer working at an at-risk youth program for a local probation department. John is also a former member of the Board of Directors of the Orange County Employee’s Association and the OCEA Peace Officer Protective League Oversight Committee. He is a current member of the State Coalition of Probation Organizations.

Leos, 38, resides in East Anaheim with wife Shelly. Keeping them on their toes are their four-year-old son Grant, and six-year-old Bryce.

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I have had the pleasure of serving with John on the OCEA Board of Directors. He is a man of great integrity and commitment to his community. While we do not always agree politically, when it comes to doing what is best for his home town, I am certain he is the right man for the job.


  1. Gabriel San Roman Gabriel San Roman March 17, 2010

    I hope “blight” includes the ugly monstrosity that is the harbor lofts…

  2. Ipolitico Ipolitico March 18, 2010

    Harbor lofts? Isn’t that right behinf Target in the city of Garden Grove!

  3. Ipolitico Ipolitico March 18, 2010

    Stimulate growth!

    Isn’t that done by just following along with the Disney money making machine. which I agree with for the most part.

  4. gabriel san roman gabriel san roman March 18, 2010

    Ipolitico: Nope, the lofts are on the corner of Harbor and Lincoln.

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