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The Van “Trannies” in Democrats Clothing – “Doh!”-vinh

Joseph "Homer" Doh!-vinh

Sometimes even I am amazed at the arrogance of Assemblyman Van Tran and his apparent belief that Viet voters are so stupid as to believe the crap that he and his “Trannies” shovel. This is the case this past week when I discovered that serial candidate Joseph Dovinh has filed to run as a Democrat against Phu Nguyen for the Democratic Party nomination for the 68th Assembly District seat that Tran is vacating due to term limits at the end of the year.

Van Tran has already reportedly made a deal with anti-Latino, and “suspected” racist Costa Mesa Mayor Alan Mansoor to support him for the Republican nomination. But since an actual Vietnamese “businessman” is running as a Democrat, Tran doesn’t seem comfortable risking that a credible Vietnamese Democrat have the opportunity to take on Mansoor in the general election.

So you may be asking why I believe that Dovinh is a plant? Well, I do not know any true Democrat who supported John McCain for President in 2008. Dovinh was a strident supporter of McCain. His mentor, Van Tran was a campaign co-chair for McCain. Dovinh, was also a supporter of Republican candidate for First District Supervisor in 2008. Dina Nguyen challenged Democrat Hoa Van Tran and incumbent Janet Nguyen. Janet Nguyen and Van Tran are arch rivals in Vietnamese and Republican circles.

As our readers may also recall, Dovinh made a joke out of himself in 2008 when he ran for two offices at the same time, Midway City Sanitary District Board and Coast Community College District Board of trustees. After the election, Mr. Dovinh was heard boasting on Vietnamese radio that he got the highest number of votes of any Vietnamese candidate other than Van Tran. Well as Bolsavik pointed out, Dovinh reached his magical numbers by combining the votes of both races that he lost into one total. Yeah right, go with that.

Okay, so now we have Mr. Dovinh’s race for Assembly. In his candidate filing he claims his occupation as a Communications Media Businessman. What?!

Joseph Dovinh

Dovinh is a Court Translator who writes occasionally in for Van Tran controlled media outlets and is occasionally featured on Tran sponsored radio broadcasts. That hardly qualifies him as a Communications Media Businessman. Candidates for office are required to show either their elected office, or their primary occupation as their ballot designation. The key word here is PRIMARY.

I may be the CEO and Chairman of Thinking Liberally Media, Inc. (the parent corporation of but I work full time as a Program Supervisor with the Orange County Health Care Agency. Mr. Dovinh can no more call his primary occupation Communications Media Businessman than I can.

Hey Joe, your ballot designation isn’t going to give you any mojo in this race. It isn’t going to hide your solid GOP credentials. You really don’t need to embarrass yourself any further for the Emperor and “Boss Hog” of Little Saigon Van Tran. Haven’t you done enough of that already?


  1. Slatemag Slatemag March 1, 2010

    at least Joseph Dovinh is a seasoned candidate.
    Is Phu Nguyen a “chosen one” like Mr. Community Organizer in WH now? Or is he a Lorreta’s bubble boy?

    • Chris Prevatt Chris Prevatt Post author | March 1, 2010

      By seasoned, do you mean salted and dried out like beef jerky? Or are you referring to the two elections he lost at the same time in 2008?

      And what good does a failed, yet “seasoned,” Republican plant do the Democrats in the 68th?

      • Slatemag Slatemag March 2, 2010

        Hah hah. You put the seasoned one into a debate with the bubble boy you will see the latter will burst. There is no comparison. Now being a media man has its advantage, too.
        BTW, how many times did Loretta lose before her first win? Were you around or is it convenient to forget?

  2. Jim Benson Jim Benson March 2, 2010

    I have heard both of them speak, given my pick of who to face in a debate or election I would want to face off against Joseph Dovinh.

    Phu Nguyen may be new to running for office, but he is for sure the best prepared and qualified for the office.

  3. Joe Dovinh Joe Dovinh March 10, 2010

    Dear Mr. Chris Prevatt,

    I wasn’t going to dignify your cheap shot at me here with a reply, but for the record, the postings you alluded to have been throroughly discredited. What you write here is slanderous and untrue. Please have some self-respect and cross-check your information before posting, instead of spreading rumors and gossips. I welcome a conversation with you. Thanks.

    Joe Dovinh
    (714) 548-8289

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