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Prop 8: The Race Is Close!

In case you haven’t heard the news, here’s the new SurveyUSA poll on Prop 8.

Yes 48%
No 45%
Undecided 7%

The bad news: We’re still slightly down.

The good news: SUSA had 8 winning by 5 less than 2 weeks ago, so fortunately there’s movement toward marriage equality. Still, WE MUST NOT BE COMPLACENT! This should be a wake up call to all of us that there’s unfinished business here in California that we must take care of.

Please, PLEASE, give whatever you can at our ActBlue page! Just look for the “Equality for All” contribution box on our page. Also, please sign up at the Equality for All campaign page to find out volunteer opportunities in your area!

We’re so close to securing equal rights for all, so let’s not let this opportunity slip away!


  1. Vern Nelson Vern Nelson October 17, 2008

    You may know, Andrew, that I have a homophobic alterego by the name of Phobius, who has somehow ended up on the pro-8 mailing lists (it happened automatically!) And they are PANICKING right now over our fundraising – this just over the transom as you or Jubal would say:


    With the polls showing Prop 8 moving into the lead, our opponents have sounded the alarm and are seeing millions pour in. What’s more, they’ve taken a 9-to-1 lead in fundraising in just the last week.

    But don’t just take my word for it. The San Jose Mercury News reports:

    “Equality California, the lead organization for the No on 8 campaign, has raised more than $3 million within California since Oct. 6, including a $1 million contribution Tuesday from the California Teachers Association..

    “Since Oct. 6, large contributions to, the lead group supporting Proposition 8, have totaled just $405,969.

    “The No on 8 campaign has also received commitments for an additional $4 million in donations that have not been received, said Kate Kendell, a member of the campaign’s executive committee.”

    Over $3 million vs. $405,969 — with an extra $4 million on the way.

    Because of your generosity, the Yes on 8 campaign enjoyed a fundraising advantage that allowed us to communicate more effectively with voters. Our advertising and other voter communications was a key reason we were able to flip the polls and take a slight lead in this race. But now our fundraising advantage has been eliminated and soon we will be behind our opponents by millions of dollars. We can’t risk them stopping our momentum because they have out-raised us in the past few days. Too much is at stake.

    We’ve never had a need more urgent than this one…

    Our TV ads telling the truth about Prop 8 have turned this race around. But the reality is that we will be outgunned without your support. Already, we are receiving reports of the No on 8 campaign increasing their advertising buys in key media markets. The threat is real.

    In addition to a $1 million check from the California Teachers Association, the No campaign announced today that Hollywood film producer Steve Bing will personally match up to $1 million in donations to No on 8.

    With 19 days to go, the race is too close for you to stay on the sidelines. Our opponents are mobilizing like never before because they know that traditional marriage is on the line.

    The question is… will we make sure the fight is joined? Please make sure your voice is heard, and that we are not outgunned in this fight of a lifetime.

    Thank you,

    Steve Linder
    Finance Director – Yes on 8

    P.S. Unfortunately, these recent announcements of million dollar contributions to opponents of traditional marriage are unlikely to be the last. Our opponents know that Hollywood, liberal activists, and labor unions have not yet given all that they can to their campaign, and they will stop at nothing to defeat Prop 8. This is why we must be vigilant, and leave nothing on the field in this fight.

    “Leave nothing on the field,” huh? It sounds to me like they’re leaving the field somewhat soiled.

    Of course what this means for us is: Keep up the good fight!

  2. Monica Monica October 27, 2008

    Standing up for things that are true and good is never easy. Voting Yes on Prop 8 is so important because it protects marriage and families. Every child deserves to have a mother and a father and to have both of their influences.

  3. rene rene October 29, 2008

    in response to monica’s comment about “every child deserves…”

    Children and adults deserve to live in a society that does not discriminate. Having only one parent, or in many cases being raised by a concerned relative, or foster parent is sometimes better than being raised by a dysfunctional two parent “traditional” family.

    By the way, has anyone stopped to think that many of these children PROP 8 is suppossed to protect are gay and lesbian??

  4. heidi heidi November 2, 2008

    You wonder why our world is so full of hate… as a nation we are taking a step backwards and we are becoming a nation that is denying a group of people the same rights as anyone else. SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE! We need to leave the bible out of this! For crying out loud Transexuals can marry but gays cannot!! The divorce rate in America is incredibly high, more than 50% of marriages fail, and many children are raped and beat by family members of straight couples. There are many gay couples who have raised well rounded, tolerant human beings and their children do not turn out differently than those of straight couples! It’s hard enough raising children nowadays and with all the hate in the world, people wonder why the children of gay couples have it so tough. Why is it so wrong in so many peoples eyes when so many mothers and fathers are single parents and so many families are disfunctional. We need to keep the bible out of this and as far as I’m concerned, God wants us to respect our neighbors and he made gay people the way they are today. The 4 judges voted in favor of the Consitution and voting against gay marriage is unconstitutional! It’s not about gay marriage- It’s about NOT discriminating against a group of individuals for ANY circumstance. I can’t even believe California is trying to write discrimination into the constitution! I’m embarrased to belong to this state! Prop 8 should have been more careful with their words if they truly wanted to “preserve marriage between and man and a woman”. Instead, EVERYONE’S FREEDOM IS AT STAKE! If they can do this to the Constitution, what’s next? For everyone’s marriage and writes, No on Prop 8. Everyone’s future marriage is on the line….

  5. Steve Perez Steve Perez November 2, 2008

    From what I’ve read, a significant amount of revenue for the Yes on 8ers has come from out of state, mainly Utah, and mobilized out of state religious entities(with any hope, prop 8 will fail, and those bigots will be out millions).
    I wonder if the No on 8 leadership has also attempted to secure funds from out of state sources. Kinda feels like us Californians are in on it alone in our campaign for equality. There is a significant lacking of leadership in the campaign.

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