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John Cleese Punks Sean Hannity

Keith Olberman read this John Cleese written poem tonight on Countdown on MSNBC.

Ode to Sean Hannity
by John Cleese

Aping urbanity
Oozing with vanity
Plump as a manatee
Faking humanity
Journalistic calamity
Intellectual inanity
Fox Noise insanity
You’re a profanity

The video that inspired the poem, after the jump.



  1. Charles J. Smith Charles J. Smith October 9, 2008

    A brilliant bit of word-play from Cleese, whose horrified Brit-perspectives on US politics (such as it is) are always inspired.

    One slight cavil: CALAMITY isn’t ideal, as a near-rhyme. Might I suggest JOURNALISTIC NON-ENTITY instead? It’s a shame to lose the blunt force of calamity (though non-entity might be an even stronger condemnation), but I find the near-rhyme of non-entity more effective.

  2. John Holland John Holland October 9, 2008

    Fantastic! Funny that Mr. Cleese watches American news programs.
    Keith, what an honor it must of been to have the legendary John Cleese request that you read his poem. What next – an invite to become one of the “Knights who say Ni”?

    NI NI, john

  3. Mike Komerous Mike Komerous October 9, 2008

    Has anyone noticed that during Sean’s litany on his past guests, he mentions that he had Kaleed Mohommad on his show? I googled and all I saw was Kaleed Sheik Mohammad, (But I’m a lazy googler)

    So where did this Interrogation (ahem) interview take place, and what guilty pleasures are you allowed when you shill for the Regime?
    (It’s not torture if you giggle a little….glug glug..)

  4. wilhelm keitel wilhelm keitel November 2, 2008

    I used to be R until Traitor George’s response to 9/11. These fox morons never even explored once the crime against democracy in FL in 2000. they made all kinds of accusation against the Dems, which I was gullible enough to believe at the time. And then I found out the truth.

    Notice how fox hardly ever gives a person a chance to speak. Whereas the “liberal” (whatever that word means) media outlets actually almost always allow me to hear the person’s point of view. That is enough of a sign to me that the people at fox don’t give a sheit about the truth.

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