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Some Proposition 8 Updates

Equality For All has just launched a new website for opponents of Proposition 8. Maybe I’m the last one to find out about it. There’s lots of good information on the site. Well done.

This past weekend the No On Prop 8 folks held a fundraiser. Did pretty well. $1.6 million! Yeay! Major kudos to SEIU and CTA as well as the individual donors who made the evening a smashing success.

Then again, there’s the other side. The California Catholic Conference (i.e. the bishops) issued a statement urging a yes vote by their parishioners.

And the Grossmont Union High School District voted 4-0 with one abstention to support the ban.

Now, this could be fun. The people supporting Prop 8 and the ban on same sex marriage have hired a local flack to promote the initiative and manage the media, as has been reported elsewhere, no doubt. They’re hosting an open house in Irvine near John Wayne Airport on August 14. Details here. Wouldn’t it be fa hoot to jam their heads? One big problem, though. The building’s a high rise tower and no free parking. The event itself is free. Still, to pay them a visit….

OK, serious, now. The Yes on 8 folks are still raising more money than we opponents are. We’re just not so far behind. The presidential race, congressional races, state and local races — it’s all so much. But we can’t let up which is what the Yes people are banking on. No rest for the weary. We must fight on. Please help.

(H/T to Pam’s House Blend and Lee Bolin)


  1. Chino Blanco Chino Blanco August 5, 2008

    Hey, thanks for linking to my diary over at Pam’s place.

    Looking at the street view of 2020 Main on, there’d seem to be lots of available wall space for hanging banners. Folks who might be hesitant to actually go inside and join the Open House could at least drive out after work and hang ‘No on 8’ posters, banners, or rainbow flags.

    Otherwise, if anyone has ‘No on 8’ yard signs, they’d look great planted in the grass near the parking entrances and at the corner of Gillette Ave and Main.

  2. Homewrecker Homewrecker August 6, 2008

    “California Catholic Conference (i.e. the bishops) issued a statement urging a yes vote by their parishioners.”

    Why are organized religious groups allowed to meddle in public policy decisions, yet recieve tax-exempt status? It drives me f**king crazy.

  3. D-Train D-Train August 7, 2008

    FYI, I work in 2020 Main, and the parking attendants leave by 6:30 everyday, so if you plan on staying past then, parking is free. Just grab a ticket on your way in , and the gates will be up when you leave.

  4. Chino Blanco Chino Blanco August 7, 2008

    Since I can’t be at 2020 Main in Irvine in person on August 14th, I’m thinking I’d like to pay for some yard signs. The only ones I’ve found so far are here:

    But maybe there are better signs already out there?

    In any case, if you’ve got PayPal, I’m ready to reimburse you for the cost of purchasing and planting a “No on Prop 8” sign at 2020 Main from 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm. You can keep the sign, I just wanna know it’s gonna be there for those 3 hours on the day. Deal?

  5. granddad granddad August 11, 2008

    I’m a practicing member of the LDS church (Mormon)

    Yesterday, a member of our Stake Presidency took the last 10 minutes of what was a wonderful meeting to push for passage of proposition 8.

    Among other things he equated marriage equality to an infringement on our liberty – but didn’t explain how or why anyone’s liberty was endangered. He warned that marriage equality would have grave consequences, but again, would not tell us what they might be. And finally we were told not to discussion or comment on this issue in Sacrament meetings, Sunday school classes or Quorum meetings. Anyone that did would be asked to stop; it was strictly inappropriate – he did acknowledge that were was some hypocrisy in that request whilst he was blatantly doing just that.

    The fear-mongering continued: “The opposition to Prop 8 is going to outspend us 2 -1” he said.

    In spite of that, pro prop 8 comments surfaced in both the Gospel Doctrine AND High Priests group meetings I attended immediately after. No one objected or reminded these good members that they were out of line.

    Make no mistake; opponents of Prop 8 are up against a behemoth in the Mormon Church that takes it marching orders seriously and won’t brook meaningful conversation.

  6. el_guapo el_guapo August 18, 2008

    Let me attempt some meaningful conversation. Maybe not my position to post here since I’m an advocate of Prop 8, but the question was asked, so I’ll try to give an answer. To quote Homewrecker:

    “Why are organized religious groups allowed to meddle in public policy decisions, yet recieve tax-exempt status?”

    The answer for me was spelled out in a very insightful NPR article entitled “When Gay Rights and Religious Liberties Clash.” Link here:

    One example, after the judiciary legalized same-sex marriage in MA, Catholic Charities refused to adopt into same-sex couples, but elected rather to refer these couples to agencies without such convictions. After an uphill legal battle, Catholic Charities decided to stop adopting children out altogether rather than to be forced to adopt into same-sex couples. Who suffers?

    Shouldn’t a religious organization have a right to act according to their conscience? Isn’t there freedom of religion in this country? Should we obligate every religion in this country to embrace homosexuality or lose their tax exempt status? I would not force my religion on you, but you can’t force your ideologies on me either.

    This is far beyond a public policy decision. Public policy is what ensures same-sex couples in California the exact same rights and privileges as married couples. I’m glad that’s the case in California, that’s the way it should be. If Prop 8 wins, same-sex couples will continue to enjoy the exact same rights as married couples.

    Redefining marriage as between any 2 individuals forces the label of bigot on anyone or any religion who disagrees. I don’t know if that’s the objective, but I don’t think that’s right. That’s why I will donate to the cause, that’s why I’ll knock on doors and ask voters to support this as well.

    So you asked, that’s my answer. I hope to see you out there talking to voters about why you think they should vote no…

  7. liberal_hypocrites liberal_hypocrites August 19, 2008

    So, if the mormon church should loose it’s non-profit status because it is exercising it’s constitutional right to speech, then I guess the liberal churches that are fighting against prop 8 should loose their non-profit status as well…..

    If that is pushed, it will affect both sides.


  8. Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski August 19, 2008

    Do you know of liberal churches speaking out in opposition to Prop 8? I think we shuld keep politics out of church.

  9. Vern Nelson Vern Nelson August 19, 2008

    “Liberal Hypocrites,” that sounds fair! Let’s do it! If all churches paid taxes, goodbye budget deficit.

  10. Fred Fred August 25, 2008

    I say we start a petition to change the California constitution to eliminate tax free status of churches. Also, start reporting the churches to the IRS for promotion politics. They are no longer charitable organization but political organizations.

  11. David H David H October 18, 2008

    i came home from a trip out of town yesterday, and while turning down the Alley to my house, my neighbors were all sitting out on the front porch with bad attitude looks on their face, and low and behold in front of them was one of those VOTE YES ON PROP 8 Yard Signs, lets just say, myself and my partner of almost 10 years, had a few things to tell them.. and they still aren’t taking the sign down, lets just say, the neighbors around them aren’t too happy..

    I want one of those NO ON PROP 8 Yard Signs for my yard, and bumper stickers, and anything i can get my hands on for no on prop 8.. if anyone can volunteer some to a couple who are VERY SUPPORTIVE of this not being taken away from us, again, i would greatly appreciate any yard signs, banners, bumper stickers, stickers anyone can manage to send.. ill give you an address to send to if you email me at My neighbor has no idea who is funding yes on prop 8, no idea once so ever.. Rednecks, go figure!!..


    David and Jimmy

  12. bj bj November 5, 2008

    yeah yeah yeah prop 8 is going to win

  13. bj bj November 5, 2008

    I am so happy that prop 8 is going to win

  14. bj bj November 5, 2008

    I can’t hardly stand it, don’t mess with the people when the people stand firm.

  15. bj bj November 5, 2008

    I’ve no doubt you won’t print what I have to say but I said it anyway and you had to read it even if no one else ever does, God bless america and the union between man and women just as the Lord said it should be.

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